Trends in Propane
Propane autogas truck with workers

Propane Autogas Benefits and Incentives

Propane autogas, the term used when propane is used as a motor fuel, is a clean alternative to gasoline or diesel fuel and more reliable than electric. Autogas offers many advantages for vehicles ranging from light- to medium-duty fleets, as well as school and transit buses. Propane is a clean, North American-sourced energy that has […]

Eugene propane home living room with a propane fireplace burning

Eugene Propane HomePro Recap

Located on the beautiful Redfield Golf Course, just down the road from the town of Eugene, the newest addition to the HomePro program is a true hole-in-one. Inspired by a passion for golf, homeowner Jay Coakley and his wife Jackie built an active Missourian’s dream home, powered by the clean, American energy of propane. In […]

Evergreen Mobile Power JuiceBox

Power Where You Need It – Evergreen Mobile Power Solutions

Let’s face it—We are constantly on the go. Missouri is chock-full of go-getters and get-er-doners. Wherever the work takes us, we know we’ll need a reliable energy source to get the job done. Whether at a construction site, responding to a natural disaster or working off the grid, you can’t get things done without dependable […]

Two members of the Greenwood Group mowing a lawn with propane lawnmowers

West County Commercial Landscaper Has Complete Propane Mower Fleet

Decision to Switch to Propane Still Paying Dividends A casual conversation in 2015 between Pete Schepis Jr., Operations director at The Greenwood Group, and Marty Mills at MFA Oil led Schepis to a decision that is still paying off today for the St. Louis-area landscaper. Started in 2013 by Schepis’s father, Pete Sr., and his […]

Man riding on a green and yellow propane powered lawn mower

City of St. Charles Parks & Recreation Realizes Benefits with Propane Mowers

Being Responsible Stewards of Environment and Budget St. Charles Parks & Recreation prides itself on being “an extension of your own backyard.” For St. Charles and surrounding area residents, that means an additional 800 acres of backyard to enjoy as their own. A team of 15 full-time and 20 to 30 seasonal employees manages 24 […]

American Summer Giveaway - A round of golf for 4 at Buffalo Ridge Dinner for 4 at Top of the Rock. Enter now! A $600 value.

American Summer Giveaway

Enter to win the American Summer Giveaway which includes a round of golf for 4 at Buffalo Ridge Golf Course, dinner for 4 at Top of the Rock, Lost Canyon Cave Trail Cart Tour, 4-hour boar rental (with restrictions) and admission to Top of the Rock’s Ancient Ozark History Museum! Valued at over $600!

Propane autogas emergency medical services SUV driving down a highway by a city

Quick Facts about Propane Autogas

Propane autogas, the term used when propane is used as a motor fuel, offers many advantages for school bus, transit bus and fleet vehicle managers. Propane is a clean, American-sourced energy that has many positive effects on the environment and will be a key component in helping our world get to a lower-carbon future. But […]

$3 billion: The potential market value for ZNE homes by 2037, according to the Rocky Mountain Institute

Zero Net Energy and Zero Energy Ready Home Trends

Zero Net Energy (ZNE) homes are becoming more popular every day. In fact, more than 22,000 zero net energy projects are either in design, construction, or completed, according to Team Zero1. As high-performance technologies and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems become more cost-effective and energy codes require higher efficiencies, ZNE and Zero Energy Ready (ZER) homes […]

Branson, Missouri skyline at night. Photo by Branson CVB

Don’t Miss the 2021 Mid-States Propane Expo and Trade Show

We’re back! Come together with propane marketers from across the region at the 11th Annual Mid-States Propane Expo and Trade Show. We’ll explore new business opportunities as well as emerging technology and training opportunities that will make a difference for your business. Top Reasons to Attend the 2021 Mid-States Propane Expo and Trade Show Trade […]

Woman cooking at a propane kitchen range looking at her son as he walks by

The Emissions Advantage of Propane Appliances

Homeowners are paying more attention than ever to their carbon footprint. While electricity gets most of the attention, many are discovering the fact that propane appliances not only outperform electric models but also reduce harmful emissions. As a hydrogen-rich fuel, propane is naturally a clean, low-emissions energy source. Because it is also incredibly efficient, propane […]

Propane outdoor lantern

Light Up Your Home with Propane Outdoor Lighting

Propane Outdoor Lighting Ideas Real flame lighting creates an unforgettable look for outdoor spaces and can increase your home’s curb appeal and value. Propane outdoor lighting is increasingly being used for walkways, columns, general lighting, patios, outdoor living areas and more. Plus, propane outdoor lighting is totally odorless, and will function even during a power […]

Technician testing propane tank

Choosing a Tank for Your Propane Home

Propane provides real benefits when used in new home construction, remodels or upgrades. Performance, efficiency and comfort are all qualities that homeowners enjoy from propane appliances. There is also the security of knowing that your energy source is stored on-site and not subject to power outages or curtailments. A key to ensuring that energy independence […]

Propane autogas vehicle being fueled

HVAC Company Finds Benefits from Propane Extend to Service Fleet

Heating and cooling companies know that propane appliances provide efficient and dependable service to their customers. Warmer and more comfortable heat from the registers, cost-savings for their customers, and furnaces with a longer service life are all common themes. However, one HVAC company has discovered that the benefits of propane extend to their fleet. In […]

Propane space rocket. Photo courtesy of Orbex. Photo source is LP Gas

Technology is Taking Off with Propane

In an industry largely recognized as down-to-earth and traditional, where companies favor face-to-face interactions, there has been no shortage of innovation and cutting-edge technology developments. The propane industry is gaining traction on the technology front. In growing numbers, consumers and businesses are seeking ways to lower greenhouse gas emissions by adopting efficient appliances and alternative […]

Black truck sitting in the driveway of a propane home

Propane vs. Electric in Homes

Source Energy Secrets and Home Heating Propane is an ideal option to power homes in Missouri and across the Midwest. It’s a clean, high-performing and efficient energy that provides a long list of benefits for homeowners. Electric power is sometimes perceived to be clean energy as well. However, unless it’s generated from an on-site renewable […]

Propane bus at scenic overlook

A Low-Carbon Future | How Do We Get There?

Increasing carbon dioxide emissions in our atmosphere pose a serious challenge. How do we meet the increasing energy needs of the world and reduce carbon in our atmosphere? Propane’s low-carbon, high-energy output makes it an ideal fuel for vehicle fleets, school buses, transit vehicles, agriculture, shipping, industrial work and more. In Acadia National Park, for […]

Person sticking their hand into water from a shower head

The Benefits of On-Demand Hot Water Heaters

As you turn the faucet on for a shower, you expect hot water instantly, right? Even though that’s the desired outcome, it’s not always a reality if you have multiple people living in your home. Standard electric tank-style water heaters take time to heat water once the storage tank empties. If you’re last in line […]

Propane HomePro Virtual Home Tour

Take the Propane HomePro 3D Virtual Home Tour

Take a virtual walk through this one-of-a-kind propane home. Using 3D technology, you can experience what the propane lifestyle is all about from the comfort of your own home. As part of our Propane HomePro program, and in partnership with Josh and Kyra Brant of Sedalia, this new custom home showcases the many benefits of […]

Propane Can Do That Generac propane backup generator

Weather-Proofing Homes with Dependable Backup Power

Are you prepared to go several days without electricity? For many, unfortunately, the answer may be no. Recently, with severe cold weather sweeping across the U.S., many had to face the harsh realities of power outages from electric and natural gas utilities. Whether caused by storms, natural disasters or some other factor, the loss of […]

Woman cooking on a propane kitchen range

Key Differences Between Propane and Natural Gas

You have a lot to think about when you’re building a new home; what contractors to use, design, materials, finishes and the list goes on and on. Another important may be choosing a primary energy source to power your major appliances like furnaces and water heaters. Propane and natural gas are popular options because of […]

Kansas City propane school buses

Kansas City Public Schools Continue to Add Propane Buses

Kansas City Public Schools recognized an opportunity to reduce emissions and noise by replacing aging diesel school buses with propane autogas school buses. The district began its adoption of propane school buses in 2019 by contracting with Student Transportation of America (STA). STA received a $20,000 rebate from MOPERC’s Clean Bus Replacement Plan in 2019. […]

Landscape professional riding a red propane mower

Propane Mower vs. Gasoline Performance

Performance is important. Your customers expect your company to do the job they contracted for. You expect your crew to show up on time and complete their designated tasks. You also expect the same from your equipment. It needs to perform well, day in and day out, so your company can be profitable. The performance […]

Propane powered outdoor kitchen Propane HomePro outdoor

Propane HomePro Outdoor Program For Homebuilders & Landscape Contractors

Spring is coming and it’s time to begin thinking outside the box—the walls of your house, that is! As the temperatures warm up, now is the time to begin planning for outdoor living projects and open-air entertainment spaces. According to a recent survey conducted by realtor.com1, outdoor living areas and more space to enjoy outside […]

Genearc propane backup generator

Energy Security and Reliable Backup Power

COVID-19 has without a doubt left its mark on Americans in every facet of society. Preferences and lifestyles have changed as a direct result of the pandemic. While we all hope that our lives will soon return to some level of normalcy as vaccines become more widely available, we know that some life and work […]

Julie Fisher and Scott Muehihauser of Scott's Power Equipment

Scott’s Power Equipment Empowers Customers

“Our business is to help our customers grow their businesses.” These are powerful words from Scott’s Power Equipment Marketing and Accounting Director, Julie Fisher. Scott’s Power Equipment is a commercial outdoor power equipment dealer with locations in Wentzville, Bridgeton and Arnold, and they serve landscape contractors throughout the greater St. Louis area. This spring marks […]

Man and woman discussing jobs in the propane industry

Propane Connect Brings Propane Companies and Ready Workforce Together

A new job board website is now available to help connect propane companies in the Mid-States region (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Illinois) with qualified job applicants. Called Propane Connect, the website at can be utilized by propane companies looking to hire new team members and job seekers within the region looking for career […]

Propane autogas truck on highway

How to Integrate Propane Into Your Fleet Operation

Kansas City Regional Clean Cities and St. Louis Regional Clean Cities recently teamed up with the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) to provide an exciting virtual event for Missouri fleet vehicle managers—Autogas Answers. If you missed it, don’t worry. We’ll cover some of the key takeaways for you here. Steve Whaley, PERC Director of […]

Eugene Propane HomePro Home

A Passion for Golf Drives the Construction of a New Propane Home

Just down the road in the town of Eugene, the construction of a new propane-powered home is underway on Missouri’s beautiful Redfield Golf Course. Inspired by a passion for golf, homeowner Jay Coakley and his wife Jackie are teed up to build an active Missourian’s dream home, powered by the clean, American energy of propane. […]

Propane autogas vehicle

Propane Fueling Infrastructure Information

Fueling a propane autogas vehicle is a lot easier than you may think. Fleet managers have the option to have a dispenser installed at their location for a minimal (if any) upfront cost with an autogas fuel purchase contract. In fact, propane fueling infrastructure is the most affordable of all fuel types, conventional or alternative. […]

Sedalia Propane Home Pro Home

Desire to Enjoy Rural Living Prompts Propane Home Construction in Sedalia, Missouri

The construction of a new propane-powered home is underway on the outskirts of Sedalia. Fueled by a desire to enjoy rural living and everything it has to offer, Josh and Kyra Brant are building their dream home with all the amenities, thanks to the clean American energy of propane. In partnership with the Missouri Propane […]

Stand on Vs. Zero Turn Mowers

Stand-On vs. Zero Turn Mowers | Which is Better & Why?

Commercial lawn care businesses have a lot of ground to cover, so efficiency is key. Lawn care crews can increase their efficiency by using stand-on and zero-turn radius mowers (ZTRs) for the right applications. While both types of units can boost a crew’s efficiency, strategically assigning a unit type to a specific project type can […]

Man filling propane autogas fleet vehicle free webinar

Transit Webinar: Reduce Costs and Emissions with a Propane Fleet

Transit agencies are turning to propane vehicles to support their environmental goals and lower their operating costs. This free, 90-minute webinar covers: Firsthand experience from a transit agency that operates propane vehicles in its fleet. Health, safety and cost benefits of adopting propane vehicles. Propane fueling and infrastructure options. Available funding from the state — […]

Campen Heating and Air Propane Furnace

Propane Brings the Heat for Campen Heating and Air

Campen Heating and Air provides HVAC services in northeastern Missouri and Illinois. Based in Canton, Missouri and owned and operated by John Campen, the company provides heating, cooling, furnace and air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance. Serving a large rural Missouri and Illinois market, propane brings the heat for Campen Heating and Air in many […]

Columbia Landcare Team photo

Columbia Landcare Sees Success with Propane

Columbia Landcare is a leader in the central Missouri lawn care and landscape industry. Getting their start in 1996 with just five employees, Columbia Landcare has grown into a full-service grounds maintenance company offering landscape design, turf maintenance, mulch and weed control, shrub and tree care, irrigation system management and wintersnow removal services. Today, based […]

Propane autogas fleet vehicles

Why Propane Autogas is a Viable Option for Missouri Fleet Vehicles

Propane autogas fuel makes a lot of sense for fleet managers in Missouri for many reasons. To begin with, the cost of propane autogas is consistently less than diesel fuel and gasoline at the pumps. Additionally, propane engine technology requires less maintenance than diesel engines, further reducing the cost of ownership and operation over time, […]

Propane HVAC professional

Pairing Propane Furnaces with Water Heaters for Maximum Efficiency

Propane-powered furnaces are a great option for home heating across the state of Missouri and throughout the country. Homeowners who heat with propane enjoy a several benefits: warmer, more comfortable heat, energy savings from propane’s efficient performance and a reduced carbon footprint. Propane furnaces provide a steady heating temperature of 115 to 125 degrees, regardless […]

Man working on engine

Could Propane be the New Diesel?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently granted more than $9 million in research funding for propane engine technology. One of the largest allocations went to Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins for heavy-duty propane engine development. CSU won $3.5 million for a project called: Development of Advanced Combustion Strategies for Direct Injection Heavy […]

Man inspecting propane hot water heater

Sizing Hot Water Heaters for the Home

Because of their potential for lower energy costs, tankless water heaters are becoming more popular in new homes and as replacements for storage tank units in existing ones. Propane tankless water heaters provide homeowners savings in energy costs compared with typical electric tank models. Their small footprint, ability to heat water quickly on demand, and […]

The Science of Propane's Clean Energy

The Science of Propane’s Clean Energy | Hydrogen vs. Carbon in Propane

Many articles detailing the benefits of propane talk about how it is an efficient fuel that is better for the environment than other traditional fuels. Simply put, propane releases fewer harmful carbon emissions than other fuels. But why? The reason lies in the chemical makeup of propane. Propane’s chemical composition is C3H8, meaning it is […]

Man and son looking out of window

Propane vs. Electric Furnaces

For homeowners who want high performance, increased efficiency, dependability and environmental friendliness in their furnace, they don’t have to look any further than propane power. Propane offers several advantages over electric furnaces, even those that use heat pumps. Plus, propane furnaces are easily paired with other propane appliances to maximize the efficiency and comfort level […]

autogas answers webinar

Autogas Answers — Kansas City Regional Clean Cities & St. Louis Clean Cities

Learn the economic, environmental and energy benefits propane autogas has to offer as a motor fuel. Webinar Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2020. Time: 10:30 am – noon, CST. Register today for this Autogas Answers Webinar to learn more about the documented benefits of propane autogas from current fleet operators. Autogas Answers is brought to you […]

propane cookstove appliance in kitchen

Propane vs. Natural Gas for Building and Home Appliances

Propane and natural gas are both important fuel sources, but they are not the same product. While sometimes considered as interchangeable, each fuel has a different chemical makeup and properties. When discussing “gas” as an option for your home, it is important to understand the differences. Propane offers several benefits over natural gas: availability, value […]

Family cooking in the kitchen

The Living Kitchen Trend: How to Make the Most of your Home

House Beautiful magazine has called 2020 “The Year of the Living Kitchen,” emphasizing the blend of function and technology transforming this important work space. Now, rest easy: A “living kitchen” does not mean that the appliances will suddenly move or talk or help with chores. Instead, the living kitchen concept matches the homeowner’s lifestyle with […]

Man riding on propane mower

Mower Winterization & Maintenance for Landscape Pros

For landscaping contractors, the fall is typically time to celebrate another successful mowing season. As grass growth begins to slow down, it’s also time to start thinking about winterizing your equipment. Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your mowing equipment performs to its fullest potential. It also extends its operational life which can help reduce […]

Family in front of propane fireplace

The Home Factor | Living with Propane

A comfortable home is more important than ever before. As many of us spend more time at home, we realize that a comfortable, functional, safe and efficient setting is essential. By making the right choices in our living spaces, we can improve the quality of life for our families, have a favorable impact on the […]

Propane school bus fleet

MOPERC Announces Zero-Interest Propane School Bus Financing Plan

The Missouri Propane Education & Research Council (MOPERC) recently announced a zero-interest propane bus financing plan. The innovative new program is available for school districts purchasing propane buses that replace older diesel bus units in the state of Missouri. MOPERC will cover 100% of the interest cost on up to $300,000 in lease purchase financing […]

MOPERC Propane School Bus

What is “Clean Diesel” And Why Propane is a Better Fuel?

Since the advent of diesel fuel, scientists have been working to make it cleaner and more efficient. In recent years, the popularity of “clean diesel” has grown, which is term that designates diesel fuel that contains less sulfur than traditional fuel. This improvement helps diesel engines produce fewer harmful emissions and now is the standard […]

Homebuilder talking with a man

Why More Homebuilders are Building with Propane

More and more homebuilders are using propane in their builds, and many use propane to power their own homes. Propane is an ideal fuel for Missouri homes, since it is dependable and efficient while performing at a high level. Owners of propane homes enjoy all the benefits of the propane lifestyle, including the performance and […]

Woman doing laundry

Earn Money by Doing Your Laundry

Propane dryers are energy efficient because they utilize the latest technology. The difference is in higher heating capacities, ranging from 18,000 to 30,000 Btu/h. Those higher temps can dry clothes faster than electric units, which typically have heating capacities at the low end of this range. Additionally, propane dryers come equipped with moisture sensors, which […]

man riding propane mowers

How Municipal Departments are Finding Success with Propane Mowers

No matter what happens in the world, one thing that remains constant in Missouri is that the grass still grows through the spring and summer, and often, well into the fall. Landscape contractors and municipal departments still have the same duty to keep lawns looking beautiful and maintained, but for those using gasoline-powered mowers, there […]

Home chef cooking with propane stove

Why Home Chefs Prefer Cooking with Propane

Cooking can be considered an art form, and to create the best art, one needs the best tools. For professional chefs and other serious foodies, that means gas-powered cooking appliances. More than 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas because of the convenience, ease and control it provides in preparing the meal. In addition […]

Generac propane generator

Head to Head: Propane vs. Gas Generators

These days, we rely on electricity more than ever, but power outages are becoming more common. That is why it is so important to prepare your home as much as possible for the event of an outage. A home can be built with the best materials and can be sturdy and resilient itself, but without […]

Man using propane dryer in commercial business

The Benefits of Installing Propane Appliances for Commercial Businesses

Propane is known for providing superior performance, comfort and convenience in homes across America, but it can also be a valuable resource for businesses as well. The same quality appliances that bring the propane lifestyle to the home can also save businesses money along with providing other benefits. Installing commercial propane water heaters, furnaces, generators, […]

Propane autogas vs. gasoline

Head to Head: Propane Autogas vs. Gasoline

Every business must balance profit with customer service. A healthy bottom line depends on meeting the needs of your customers while operating safety and efficiently. For companies that operate fleets, choosing the right fuel can be critical in being able to serve customers both efficiently and economically. Propane Autogas (propane used as a motor fuel) […]

Grilling Guide for Summer

Your Propane Grilling Guide for the Summer

No summer is complete without a few good barbecues, and any chef will attest that a great grill is essential to a perfect cookout. While cooking with charcoal is a traditional method of grilling, propane grills bring convenience and control to outdoor cooking which offer a superior experience and product to briquets. Let’s start at […]

Residential Appliance Rebates

Rebates Available to Help Homeowners Save on New Propane Appliances

Propane is a great choice to power many of the appliances in your home, providing homeowners unmatched performance, efficiency and comfort. Now, it’s easier than ever. It’s also very affordable, thanks to rebates that can save you up to $1,000 on your investment. Through the Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program, which is authorized by the […]

Man walking in front of house under construction

Homebuilders – Elevate Your Homebuilding Projects with Propane

Propane is a versatile and efficient energy source that can power a variety of appliances throughout your homes. As a primary energy source, the benefits of propane extend from the core demands of heat and hot water to high-performance amenities such as fireplaces, cooking, laundry, outdoor living and backup generators. Propane Adds Value for Homebuilders […]

School bus maintenance man in front of school bus

Reduce School Bus Maintenance Time and Costs with Propane

Propane school buses provide a variety of benefits for school districts, students and communities. School buses operating on propane reduce transportation costs, provide safe transportation and reduce emissions. Propane buses also reduce school bus fleet maintenance time, repairs, and replacement costs. The lower maintenance requirements of propane buses and more uptime on bus routes are […]

Propane specialist walking by propane truck

The Effects of Propane on the Environment

Propane is not just a clean energy source—it is considered the cleanest conventional fuel, emitting far less greenhouse gas than most other energy sources.  For example, propane produces 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity.1 The reason? A molecule of propane (C3H8) contains more than 72% hydrogen atoms, and hydrogen combustion generates only water vapor […]

propane school bus

The Cost-Per-Mile of Propane Buses

Could your school use an extra $7,000? That’s enough to purchase new books, upgrade outdated technology, or contribute toward teacher salaries. Approximately $7,000 is how much a propane-powered school bus could save your school district compared to a diesel bus– $7,000 each and every year. Studies show that, over the life of the bus, schools […]

Girl washing her hands in sink

When is it Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater?

A high-performing hot water heater is essential to maximize the performance and energy efficiency of your home. A water heater’s performance will degrade over time, resulting in decreased efficiency. When your water heater gets to a certain age, it is time to think about replacing it. If you aren’t sure if your water heater needs […]

Men inspecting propane tank

What you Should Know About Your Home Propane Tank

Propane is a safe, efficient fuel that provides reliable and clean power to your home. A propane tank is a main component of your fuel-delivery system, storing propane as a compressed liquid before being converted to vapor to be used in your home appliances. Proper maintenance and care of your propane tank is important to […]

Hands being washed in sink

Propane Tankless Water Heaters Deliver Abundant Supply of Clean, Hot Water

In today’s climate, a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. Having access to clean water for use in your home is vital to ensuring the health and safety of your family. Propane tankless water heaters are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective, keeping your family comfortable while providing hot water on demand. Benefits of Clean, Hot […]

Joplin Home exterior

Resilient Joplin Propane Home Highlights

With dependable propane appliances throughout, and complete with a tornado safe room and propane standby generator, this Joplin home is the epitome of resilience. Propane can safely and efficiently meet many of a home’s energy requirements. We’re proud to share the peace-of-mind benefits of this beautiful, resilient home and highlight the efficiency, freedom and security […]

peace of mind propane backup generators

Give Homeowners Peace of Mind with a Propane Backup Generator

What makes a home appealing? Safety, security and convenience. A propane generator adds all these benefits, increasing the home’s value and appeal. Why Should You Consider a Propane Backup Generator? Generators make a home safer and more comfortable. Standby generators provide a priceless benefit– an extra layer of security to a home. If the power […]

Propane generators on job sites

The Advantages of Propane Generators on Jobsites

On any job site, it is important to minimize cost and distractions. That is why loud, expensive diesel generators can be a detriment to your work environment. Remote power on job sites is a necessary component, especially in cold conditions. Generators bring the needed energy that helps keep a crew running efficiently from start to […]

Propane vs. Electric Smokers

Propane vs. Electric Smokers

Meat smokers are a great addition to an outdoor kitchen or backyard deck. Smoking is a traditional method of cooking, but today, the same delicious results can be achieved with modern smokers that will allow any home chef to cook like a pro. Two of the most popular varieties of meat smokers are electric and […]

Converting a Mower to Propane

What Landscape Pros Need to Know About Propane Lawn Mowers

For landscape professionals, green is the most important color. Not only do you want to keep your lawns green, but you want to keep some green in your pocket as well. Propane can be the solution, as propane-powered mowers are cleaner and more efficient than traditional gas – or diesel-powered engines. Even if you can’t […]

rebates and incentives for propane home image

Rebates and Incentives Available for Building Homes Powered by Propane

Propane provides a lifestyle of comfort and unmatched benefits. If you are building a new home, you and your clients can benefit from using propane. Propane can be used throughout a home for space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, backup power, grills, and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, just for starters. Propane appliances provide […]

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Design Trends for 2020

Now is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your outdoor living space. (And if you don’t already have an outdoor living space, it’s a perfect time to develop one!) Whether you have a modest deck, a stone patio or a patch of lawn that longs for a higher purpose, creating an outdoor […]

Benefits of propane buses

The Benefits of Bringing Propane Buses to Your Missouri Community

Out of a child’s entire school day, there is one important aspect that frequently gets overlooked– the bus ride to school. For many students, the school bus is how they get safely to and from school, every single day. Students in rural areas may spend more than an hour a day on a bus, which […]

Zero Energy Homes image

Zero Net Energy Homes for Homebuilders

Interest in Zero Net Energy homes is increasing, which presents homebuilders with a new challenging set of construction decisions. How can you respond to customer demand for green home designs, technologies, and energy-efficient appliances?  What is a Zero Energy Home? Simply put, a Zero Energy home, also referred to as a Zero Net Energy home, […]

Be prepared for spring storms

How to Prepare your Home for Missouri’s Spring Storms

Missourians know that, here in the heart of the Midwest, there is always the danger of damaging spring storms. From thunderstorms and hail to tornadoes and flooding, springtime brings with it a host of weather-based dangers. Being prepared is key. Here are important steps to keep your family and home safe from harm.  Steps to […]

8 Home Design Trends for 2020

8 Home Design Trends for 2020

If you’re building or renovating a home, there are many home design trends you’ll want to consider when making decisions. You’ll want to make your space as comfortable and functional as possible for you or your homebuyer. As we kick off 2020, let’s take a look at some of the top home design trends that […]

builder show image

2020 Builder Show Recap | What Happens in Vegas Gets Shared to the World

Thousands of homebuilders and others with interest in the industry recently converged on Las Vegas for the annual International Builder Show (IBS) hosted by the National Association of Home Builders. MOPERC was there this year to see the latest trends in style and materials, discover what’s new for homebuilders and consumers and to tell the […]

propane furnace

Heat Pumps vs. Propane Furnaces

There are several options for home heating. To understand which system is best for your home, it’s important to look at a variety of factors. Important considerations include performance, efficiency, cost and comfort. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ground source heat pumps (GHSP’s) and high-efficiency propane furnaces and provide you with […]

propane autogas bus

Propane vs. Diesel School Buses

Each day, more than 1 million children across the United States ride to and from school in buses fueled by propane autogas. More than 800 school districts reliably and economically operate propane autogas school buses, including Missouri’s Fort Zumwalt, Kansas City, Neosho and Grain Valley school districts, and others. Those numbers are continuing to grow, […]

propane landscaper filling truck with propane autogas

Propane’s One Fuel Solution for Landscape Contractors

Across the country, a growing number of landscape contractors and grounds managers are making propane the primary fuel for their business. Using commercial-grade riding lawn mowers and walk-behind units, heavy-duty trucks and remote power generation, these lawncare and landscaping pros trust propane to get the job done better, cleaner, more cost-effectively and more efficiently. Propane […]

programming a propane water heater

Propane vs. Electric Water Heaters

Water heaters are the second-largest energy user in homes. In addition, they are one of the most important considerations for a home’s comfort and functionality. When it’s time to replace your aging water heater or if you’re shopping for a new-construction home, consider upgrading to the performance and savings of propane. Propane water heating systems […]

propane clean american energy logo

Student Transportation of America Receives $20,000 for Deployment of Propane-Fueled School Buses

Clean Bus Replacement Plan awards school bus contractor for alternative fuel implementation KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Nov. 20, 2019) — The Missouri Propane Education and Research Council presented Student Transportation of America a check for $20,000 for its acquisition of new propane school buses. These emissions- and cost-reducing propane school buses are in service throughout the […]

propane autogas school bus

The Reliability and Cost of Propane Autogas

Fleet managers, maintenance technicians, and drivers across the United States are well aware of seasonal headaches that come with using diesel fuel systems when the temperatures drop. Propane autogas can relieve the pain associated with dealing with diesel in the winter, including increased costs, increased maintenance and even ice-cold cabs. Switching to propane fuel can […]

propane mower

Propane Lawn Mower Reviews and Case Study Highlights

Municipalities across the nation are turning to propane to power their mowers. Lawn mower fleets fueled by propane save taxpayer dollars by becoming more efficient. In addition to improved efficiency, municipalities using propane mowers also experience the positive environmental impacts associated with the clean-burning fuel. Here are a few propane reviews and case study highlights […]

Why to Install Propane Appliances

Why to Install Propane Appliances

As an HVAC contractor, you want the best heating and cooling solutions for your customers. You want to set them up with durable, long-lasting appliances that will perform at a high level and still be affordable. Luckily, propane can do that. Let’s take a look at two appliances that every Missouri home needs: furnaces and […]

Propane Kitchen Appliances

4 Reasons to Consider Propane Kitchen Appliances

Performance, style, efficiency and a reduced environmental impact — that’s what propane brings to the table. In this case, your kitchen table. Propane appliances can take your kitchen — and your cooking — to the next level. Here are 4 reasons why propane appliances are a great choice for any kitchen. Performance. Cooking with propane […]

Propane Fueled Buses

How Propane Buses are Fueling the Future

School buses carry our future every day. It is our responsibility to work towards building the groundwork for the brightest future possible for the children in our communities. That means not only ensuring their health and safety, but also protecting and sustaining our environment. Propane can do that, with propane-powered school buses. There are many […]

Propane Powered Home

Propane Powered Inspiration Home Recap

Prepare to be inspired. The 2019 SHL Inspiration Home, powered by propane, is complete. The home, located in The Villages at Shawnee Bend at the Lake of the Ozarks featured several propane appliances to maximize the home’s comfort, performance, efficiency and security – some of the hallmarks of the propane lifestyle. Propane can efficiently and […]

Propane Mower Refueling Options

Propane Mower Refueling Options

Propane mowers are a great choice for landscaping professionals who want to reduce their cost of operation and reduce emissions. Propane dealers can make it easy to switch by offering flexible options for refueling fleets of all sizes. For small and medium fleets, a cylinder exchange program is recommended. The cylinders will be delivered directly […]

Converting Wood Fireplaces to Propane

Converting Wood Fireplaces to Propane

Imagine a warm fireplace with a real flame without all the mess and hassle of wood. Propane can do that. Converting a wood-burning fireplace to propane is now easier than ever. Fireplace inserts can be retrofitted into existing wood fireboxes to start enjoying the comfort and convenience of propane. There are several reasons why propane […]

Safe Installation Rebates and Incentives for HVAC Contractors

Safe Installation Rebates and Incentives Available for HVAC Contractors

Heating with propane provides a high level of comfort and performance with less cost than traditional energy sources. Here are a few more reasons to recommend propane for your upcoming heating projects. Propane Furnaces Propane furnaces provide a steady heating temperature of 115 to 125 degrees from the registers, regardless of outdoor temperature. 60 percent […]

Propane Mower Equipment

Position Your Business for Growth this Equipment Buying Season

It’s that time of year again. The air is starting to get a little cooler, leaves are starting to fall, and grass growth is slowing down. For landscape contractors, this time of year signals the end of a busy season and gives you an opportunity to begin making preparations for next season. Hopefully, you had […]

contractor training

Training and Certification Programs Available for HVAC Contractors

Missouri state law requires that all workers who service or install equipment or appliances that use propane gas (LPG) must be certified by the Missouri Propane Safety Commission. To help HVAC employers comply with the state law, the Missouri Propane Gas Association, MPGA, offers a one-day class that meets the training requirements of the Commission’s […]

Available Funding for Propane School Bus Purchases

School administrators throughout Missouri and across the country are making a change to benefit their students, their school districts and the environment. They are switching to propane-powered buses to save money, reduce emissions and protect student health. The benefits of propane over diesel fuel are numerous, as shown in several case studies from school districts […]


5 Tips for a Comfortable Winter

Whether we like it or not, winter is just around the corner. Staying warm when the temperatures drop can be a challenge, but here are a few simple steps to make it easier. Preparing early is the key. Follow these steps to get ready for winter, then settle in and enjoy the comfort of a […]

Propane Heat vs. Electric Heat | Which is Better and Why

A common question among home buyers, builders and owners is What is the best way to heat their home? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the benefits of propane heating systems over electric heating systems to equip you with the information you need to be able to make a knowledgeable […]

Welcome Home Magazine

Welcome Home Magazine

Whether you’re a builder, a homeowner, or both, propane can add value to a property. Propane is a clean, American source of energy that can power many appliances in a home to improve performance and efficiency, and provide greater comfort. Welcome Home magazine, produced by the Missouri Propane Education & Research Council, features builder plans […]

Propane Lifestyle - Comfort

2019 Inspiration Home Appliances Lay Groundwork for Propane Lifestyle Comfort

The crews have been busy at the 2019 SHL Inspiration Home. The high-end home set to be powered by propane has taken form. Partnering with MOPERC, the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council, Doug Ross of RC Homes and SHL’s Dave Leathers have selected the high-efficiency propane appliances that will power the luxurious home. Installation […]

Westland Landscapes Powered by Propane

Westland Landscape Powers Up with Propane

For Westland Landscape, propane has played a key role in powering their business. Today, Westland is running cleaner, more efficiently and more profitably with propane. Westland started in 1988 as a full-service maintenance company, and has grown into a full-service landscape design and installation company. Owned and operated by Danny Triplett, Westland Landscape provides maintenance, […]

Progress at the Propane Lake Home

Progress at the Lake’s Propane Home

The crews have been busy at the site of Dave Leather’s 2019 SHL Inspiration Home in the Villages at Shawnee Bend. Progress of this luxury home is moving ahead at full steam, and according to Leathers, is on track to be complete by June 1, 2019. The 2019 Inspiration Home will be powered by propane, […]

Propane Generator

Propane Generators

There are many ways propane can add value and comfort to your home. From drying clothes or preparing meals, to home and water heating, all the way to keeping your home secure during an electrical outage, propane is a versatile energy source that can keep your home and life going, with no disruptions. Propane gas […]

Exterior Design Trends - Modern Home with Outdoor Lighting

Exterior Design Trends of Today’s Beautiful Homes

The front of a home—its architectural features, color, texture, and landscaping—makes a statement about the people who live within its walls and their values. It determines the level of respect they command from the guests who are invited inside and the strangers who are merely passing by. Selecting exterior surface materials that compliment one another […]