2019 Inspiration Home Appliances Lay Groundwork for Propane Lifestyle Comfort

Propane Lifestyle - Comfort

The crews have been busy at the 2019 SHL Inspiration Home. The high-end home set to be powered by propane has taken form. Partnering with MOPERC, the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council, Doug Ross of RC Homes and SHL’s Dave Leathers have selected the high-efficiency propane appliances that will power the luxurious home. Installation of the appliances has begun, laying the groundwork for the future homeowner to be able to enjoy the Propane Lifestyle at the Lake.

Propane is a clean and efficient source of energy that can improve the performance of a home and make it more comfortable. People don’t often realize all the ways propane can be used in homes and the benefits. MOPERC has set out to change that with their Welcome Home campaign, partnering with Leathers to build a beautiful, comfortable and efficient home at the Lake, powered by propane.

What is the Propane Lifestyle? The propane lifestyle is the daily enjoyment of many benefits associated with using propane appliances in the home; including but not limited to superior comfort, lower energy costs, optimal performance and positive environmental impacts; that create an ideal way of life—the Propane Lifestyle. Propane can efficiently and effectively meet nearly all of a home’s major energy needs, inside and out, from space heating and water heating to outdoor flame lighting and firepits.

Propane appliances deliver comfort and amenities similar to those available in the finest resorts. Warm and comfortable heat, an endless supply of hot water, gas heat for kitchen ranges, efficient clothes drying, fireplaces and firepits—propane can do that, and much more. Propane appliances include the highest Energy Star ratings and can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in annual energy costs.

Propane is an alternative fuel that burns cleanly and produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to most other energy sources, lowering the carbon footprint of a home. In addition, propane is a non-poisonous, non-toxic fuel, that won’t contaminate soil or groundwater, making it safe to use anywhere. No longer dependent on a utility provider, propane delivers freedom and an added level of security. Propane homeowners live in peace knowing a power outage or service disruption won’t interrupt their routine and home life. Comfort, performance, efficiency, savings, reduced carbon footprint, freedom and security comprise the Propane Lifestyle.

The 2019 Inspiration Home Propane Appliances

A propane furnace provides a steady heating temperature of 115 to 125 degrees, regardless of the outdoor temperature. Falling short compared to propane, electric furnaces supply a heat below your average body temperature of 98 degrees, 60 percent of the time during heating seasons. With a warmer heat from the register, propane furnaces achieve desired temperatures much faster and efficiently compared to other energy sources, so this new homeowner will be able to enjoy a comfortable, reliable heat in their home all winter long.

The Inspiration Home will be heated by two Rheem high-efficiency propane furnaces. These units are rated with 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), meaning they put out 95 BTU’s of useful heating energy for every 100 BTU’s of propane energy used. High-efficiency propane furnaces capture additional heat from the combustion gases and use this to increase the heat transfer of the furnace for greater efficiency. This homeowner will be able to enjoy the warm, comfortable heat of propane in addition to significant savings on their heating bill.

A world with an endless supply of hot water is a beautiful place. This home’s Navien propane tankless water heater will provide the future homeowners a continuous supply of hot water on demand, for the essential daily shower or long soak in the tub. High-efficiency propane tankless water heaters heat water as it’s needed, so there is no wasted energy heating water sitting in a tank. This propane water heating unit will save the homeowner about 13 to 20 percent in annual energy costs compared to an electric or heating oil unit, and will leave 50 to 60 percent lower CO2 emissions to reduce the home’s carbon footprint.

The future Inspiration Home owner will be able to cook like a pro and enjoy all the benefits of cooking with gas heat, like instant heat and precise temperature control. 96 percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas because propane burners offer nearly unlimited settings between a low simmer and a high boil. Food cooks faster with propane because propane burners apply heat directly to the pan. In contrast, electric ranges heat the surface, and then the pan, sacrificing efficiency.

The Inspiration Home’s magnificent kitchen will feature a 48” Wolf 13,000 BTU gas cooking range with six burners, infrared griddle, convection oven for faster and more consistent cooking, as well as a second 18” non-convection oven. A kitchen range and oven with these capabilities are the perfect example of living the propane lifestyle, and enjoying the many benefits propane offers as an energy source.

Nothing is more cozy on a cold Missouri evening than relaxing next to a propane fireplace. Propane fireplaces require no trips to the woodpile, no messy cleanup, and the realistic flame and flicker at the flip of a switch creates a comfortable and convenient warmth that can be easily enjoyed.

The Inspiration Home will feature a Napoleon 42” Accent propane fireplace. The new homeowner will be able to enjoy the charming ambiance of a real flame and the proven performance of propane. Propane delivers five to six times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces. Propane fireplaces offer Fireplace Efficiency (FE) ratings over 90 percent while wood-burning fireplaces operate at about 15 percent FE.

Propane dryers save time and money by drying clothes faster and more efficiently. Propane dryers are also gentler on clothing, because they deliver warm air that has more moisture than electric models. With a dryer powered by propane, the future Inspiration Home owner will notice fewer wrinkles in their clothes and enjoy the fact that their propane dryer is 20 percent less expensive to operate than an electric dryer—another perk of the propane lifestyle.

Propane grills provide instant on-off convenience and precision temperature control for a perfectly done meal every time. With no coals, soot, or ash, clean-up is a breeze. The future Inspiration Home owner will be able to enjoy a fantastic lake view, a large covered patio and the luxury of grilling with ease with a 42” Coyote performance propane grill in the outdoor living area.

Nothing enhances a home’s entrance like propane lamp lighting. Propane lamps offer the flickering, old-world charm of a real flame that electric lighting simply can not match. Propane gas lamps add beauty and curb appeal, are totally odorless, and will function even during a power outage for an added level of safety and security. The Inspiration Home will feature an outdoor lighting system from Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting so the new homeowner can live the propane life to the fullest.

Along with performance, energy and cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint, a final component of the propane lifestyle is the added level of security and peace of mind propane provides. With a Kohler propane standby generator, the Inspiration Home will keep running as normal, no matter what. Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane doesn’t degrade over time, making it ideal for a standby fuel.

Nothing beats the comfort, performance and security propane can add to a home. To learn more about the propane lifestyle, visit propanemissouri.com.

For more information about this home, visit lakeoftheozarkspropanehome.com or contact Jonathan Hartenstein at Keller Williams Lake of the Ozarks Realty and the Villages at Shawnee Bend at jr@villagessb.com or call 573-480-9866.

Showcase Publishing will be donating profits from the sale of the Inspiration Home to Share the Harvest Food Pantry, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fighting hunger at the Lake of the Ozarks and surrounding areas.

Images of the 2019 Inspiration Home

Exterior of the backside of the home
The 2019 Inspiration Home has taken shape. Here’s a view of the back of the home.

Exterior of the frontside of the home
Here’s a view of the home’s two, two-car garages–one for work and one for fun!

Front Entrance of the Home
The 2019 Inspiration Home entrance.

Housing for Propane Appliances
The Inspiration Home is ready for the install of high-efficiency propane appliances.

Napoleon Propane Fireplace
This Napoleon 42″ Accent Propane Fireplace will provide maximum heat output and comfort with virtually no mess or clean-up.

View from the back of the home
The view of the Lake of the Ozarks from the back deck of the home.