Earn Money by Doing Your Laundry

Woman doing laundry

Propane dryers are energy efficient because they utilize the latest technology. The difference is in higher heating capacities, ranging from 18,000 to 30,000 Btu/h. Those higher temps can dry clothes faster than electric units, which typically have heating capacities at the low end of this range. Additionally, propane dryers come equipped with moisture sensors, which prevent clothes from spending more time in the dryer than necessary, which also saves energy and, in turn, money. Plus, these faster drying times mean this chore can be completed more quickly.

These dryers may be able to dry clothes quickly, but they aren’t just all hot air. Propane dryers produce air with a higher moisture content than electric dryers, so clothes come out with fewer wrinkles. That means your dryer may reduce your ironing chore, too.

The benefits of a propane dryer are excellent, but homeowners leave money on the table if they do not compound these benefits by also installing a propane-powered water heater for maximum home efficiency. Plus, a 110V circuit can be used to power a washing machine and dryer, which saves the money and hassle of installing a 220V circuit for an electric dryer.

Worried about the hassle of switching to propane from electricity? It’s actually an easy conversion because both require the same ventilation system. Additionally, propane can be used in both new construction and remodeling projects. Installers will use corrugated stainless steel tubing gas lines, which are flexible enough to make appliance installation easy and convenient. Make sure your installer is qualified to install gas piping and appliances–this is not a Do-It-Yourself job.

Propane units offer the latest technology that can be found with other models, plus they are more efficient and environmentally friendly. In fact, over its lifetime, a propane dryer can save around 2,000 pounds of CO₂ from entering the environment in comparison to electric models. Since propane can also save you 20% on the cost of running your dryer on your energy bill, it is better for both the environment and your wallet. With all the benefits that propane has to offer, it is a great choice to power your laundry room.

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