Safe Installation Rebates and Incentives Available for HVAC Contractors

Safe Installation Rebates and Incentives for HVAC Contractors

Heating with propane provides a high level of comfort and performance with less cost than traditional energy sources. Here are a few more reasons to recommend propane for your upcoming heating projects.

Propane Furnaces

  • Propane furnaces provide a steady heating temperature of 115 to 125 degrees from the registers, regardless of outdoor temperature. 60 percent of the time, electric furnaces supply heat below average body temperatures of 98 degrees, during heating seasons.
  • Propane furnaces achieve desired temperatures much faster than alternatives.
  • High-efficiency propane furnaces qualify for Energy Star’s Most Efficient label.

Propane Water Heaters

  • Water heaters are one of the most energy intensive appliances in a home. Propane tankless hot water heating units provide 50% lower energy costs compared to electric storage tank water heaters.
  • Tight spaces are not an issue with these small and efficient units.
  • Your customers will be impressed that you can provide a solution that solves the problem of running out of hot water.

Safe installation Rebates and Incentives

The best reason to recommend propane to your customers comes with dollar signs attached. State rebates are now available for the safe installation of a new propane furnace or water heater. Save $400 on the investment of one or both new propane appliances. You can use this as added value for your customers or to make your projects more profitable. Your local propane dealer will be able to assist you in appliance selection and through the rebate application process all the way from the beginning of your project to completion.

You can also take advantage of up to two additional $100 bonus rebates when you install a propane cookstove, clothes dryer, fireplace or generator along with a propane furnace and/or water heater. Take advantage of all four rebates to get up to $1,000 back while providing the benefits of Clean American Energy to your clients.

For more information about available rebates, visit the Rebates page.

HVAC Training and Certification Classes Available

For your customers to take full advantage of the benefits of new propane appliances, it is important that they are properly installed. The Missouri Propane Gas Association, in conjunction with the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council, offer safe installation training and certification classes for HVAC professionals. Classes are held across the state of Missouri throughout the year to ensure the safety and efficiency of all propane units.

For more information about upcoming classes and to register to attend, visit

Rebates, along with all the benefits of propane appliances, make propane an affordable, reliable, and safe choice for heating. Propane can help you provide more value to your customers and can make your HVAC projects more profitable.