Propane for your Missouri business

Interested in commercial propane supply in Missouri?

From warehouses, factories, restaurants and hotels to resorts, dry cleaners, greenhouses, farms and offices, many businesses in Missouri rely on propane to get the job done. It’s a portable and versatile fuel that can be delivered in a variety of ways, including rail, pipeline and truck.

  • Because of its low, nontoxic emissions, propane is also the fuel of choice for powering indoor forklifts, torches and welders.
  • Propane is the best choice for backup generators for businesses since it can be stored indefinitely, and will not deteriorate over time (like gasoline) or gel up in winter (like diesel).
  • More than 60% of alternative-fueled vehicles nationwide run on propane Autogas, including buses, fleet trucks, forklifts, lawnmowers and farm tractors. Propane Autogas is the third most popular vehicle fuel, next to gasoline and diesel.
  • Across the country, 12,000 propane-powered school buses transport 600,000 children every school day.
  • Many vehicle manufacturers now make bi-fuel (or dual-fuel) models that run equally well on either propane Autogas or gasoline, and all of the major commercial lawn mower manufacturers now supply models that run on propane Autogas.