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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space – Design Trends for 2019

Outdoor Living Space Design Trends for 2019- Outdoor Kitchen and FirepitThe American Institute for Architects recently reported the demand for outdoor living spaces in new home plans has increased six years in a row, now eclipsing the request for a home office or mudroom.

Today’s outdoor living areas are bringing many popular indoor features into the outdoors. Covered patios, pergolas and hardscapes now house chef-grade state-of-the-art kitchens with luxurious dining areas and furniture.

Hardscapes are becoming more and more popular in today’s outdoor spaces. Paver patios comprised of stone, bricks, blocks, concrete or other hard materials offer a durable, high-end backyard living area with little to no maintenance required.

You can take your paver patio up a notch by incorporating a pergola. Pergolas offer structure and shade while still providing an open air feel.

“The first step to creating a comfortable outdoor living space is furnishing it with comfortable and attractive furniture.”—Susan Ray, Summer Classics.

Blues and greens are great colors that can be incorporated into your outdoor furniture to complement traditional hardscaping colors and accent the natural colors of the outdoors.

Nothing arouses an appetite like the aroma of juicy steaks cooking on an outdoor flame. A propane grill can deliver this experience year-round. Not only do propane grills require less preparation and cleanup than a charcoal grill, but they also allow for greater precision in temperature control. You can even take your outdoor food preparation up a notch by incorporating a complete outdoor kitchen, with propane burners, grill and oven.

A propane pizza oven can be a fun addition to your patio for restaurant-quality pizza. Many affordable models create an enhanced heating environment emulating a brick oven for a balance of crisp crust and perfectly cooked toppings.

Chilly weather will ultimately arrive and a propane firepit adds warmth and charm to any outdoor space and occasion. A propane heater can also take the edge off a cool day, raising the temperature as much as 30 degrees within a 20-foot radius.

When a pool or a spa is an option for your outdoor space, propane’s efficiency makes it a viable heating source. According to the Department of Energy, gas energy can maintain consistent water heat regardless of the weather temperature or climate. Water also heats quicker with LP gas as the fuel source.

Creating a backyard sanctuary and an outdoor living area you love will provide a great venue for family, friends and many wonderful memories.

Visit your local propane provider to learn more about how propane can help make your outdoor living area more comfortable, functional and enjoyable.