Trends in Propane

Pairing Propane Furnaces with Water Heaters for Maximum Efficiency

Propane HVAC professional

Propane-powered furnaces are a great option for home heating across the state of Missouri and throughout the country. Homeowners who heat with propane enjoy a several benefits: warmer, more comfortable heat, energy savings from propane’s efficient performance and a reduced carbon footprint.

Propane furnaces provide a steady heating temperature of 115 to 125 degrees, regardless of outdoor temperature. For comparison, electric heat pumps generally circulate air that is below your average body temperature of 98 degrees, 60 percent of the time during heating seasons. It’s hard to call this “heat” since homeowners report feeling chilled rather than warmed with such cool air coming out of the registers.

Propane furnaces also achieve desired temperatures much faster than alternative sources of heat. In addition, high-efficiency propane furnaces qualify for Energy Star’s Most Efficient label (95 AFUE level or higher) and are safer and more efficient than wood heat.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), space heating and water heating account for nearly two-thirds of the average home’s energy use. That makes furnace and water-heater selection critical when planning for new construction or improving the efficiency of an existing home.

Energy Star propane water heating units save homeowners an estimated 13 to 20 percent in annual energy costs compared to electric water heating units. High-efficiency propane tankless water heating systems produce hot water on demand, providing an endless supply with no wasted energy costs heating water in a tank. They also take up less space because they are more compact than traditional tank water heaters. If you’re working on a new construction project or an update of an existing home with a propane furnace, pairing a propane water heater will result in additional efficiencies.

While the consumption of energy for space heating is driven largely by climate, the consumption of energy for water heating is driven primarily by the number of occupants in a home. So if your project has more than two primary occupants, the opportunities to realize savings with a propane water heater increase, because water heating will be a larger percentage of that home’s total energy consumption.

For construction pros and installers working with clients on new projects, service calls or remodels, keep in mind that pairing a propane furnace with a propane water heater generates both maximum operating efficiencies and homeowner satisfaction.

If you are a homeowner planning to build or remodel your residence, take advantage of the power of pairing propane appliances to maximize your fuel dollar and create the livability and comfort you’re looking for.