Trends in Propane

Propane vs. Electric Furnaces

For homeowners who want high performance, increased efficiency, dependability and environmental friendliness in their furnace, they don’t have to look any further than propane power. Propane offers several advantages over electric furnaces, even those that use heat pumps. Plus, propane furnaces are easily paired with other propane appliances to maximize the efficiency and comfort level of a home. Read on to see why propane is the best choice to heat your home this winter, and for winters to come.

Propane’s performance makes it an obvious choice for a Missouri homeowner. Propane furnaces deliver heat at a higher temperature than electric furnaces can produce. Electric furnaces only produce heat in a range that is about the average body temperature of 98 degrees. That output does not get the job done, and homes can feel particularly cool during the cold winter months. In contrast, propane furnaces can produce heat at temperatures up to 140 degrees. This means warmer air is circulated through the entire home, keeping everyone warm and comfortable day and night.

Propane furnaces are energy efficient with Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratings up to 98, meaning a propane furnace can turn 98 percent of the energy it consumes into heat. In comparison, the minimum standard rating is 78 percent, and an average furnace usually operates between 80 and 85 percent efficiency. Electric furnaces are rated through different methods, so they do not have a comparable AFUE rating, but they are less efficient because of the way they operate. Electric furnaces must draw heat inside either from the outside air or ground, so they have to work harder to heat a home. Even then, when the outside temperature drops below about 25 degrees, an electric furnace will need backup power to be able to produce more heat. Propane furnaces do not have to rely on backup power, making them even more efficient.

Beyond the advantages of warmer heat and greater efficiency, propane also provides the added benefit of being more dependable than electricity. Propane tanks are stored on the property and provide energy independence for a home. There is an option for underground propane tanks, which are manufactured to be buried below ground to keep them out of sight. Above ground and underground propane tanks provide easy access and are safe and secure.

Another way propane furnaces show their dependability is by their longer lifespan. Propane furnaces can last up to six years longer than an electric furnace, so homeowners should only have to worry about replacing their furnace once every two decades. On top of that, propane furnaces retain their efficiency better than electric over time, so they continue to save money and energy even later in their lifespans.

Finally, propane scores higher than electricity in terms of environmental friendliness. Propane can help lower a home’s carbon footprint, since it is a clean burning fuel. Few energy sources are as clean as propane when comparing greenhouse gas emissions, and there is almost no comparison when talking about all the other benefits propane provides. Even new, high efficiency electric heat pumps produce more carbon than propane, so propane is the best way to stay green without sacrificing performance.

Propane power is a great choice to heat Missouri homes, because it can stand up to even the harshest Midwest winters and keep your family comfortable all season long. Homeowners can feel good about choosing propane because it is a dependable fuel that is produced in the U.S., and it is safe for the environment.

Contact your local propane dealer today to ask about all the benefits that propane provides. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a new propane furnace all winter long!