Propane Water Heaters

Propane water heaters: Get all the hot water you need

Enjoy endless hot water with a propane water heater

If your water heater is getting old, or if you can’t count on getting enough hot water for your family, consider the immediate benefits of upgrading to a new, high-efficiency propane water heater.

Whether it’s a standard storage-tank water heater or an on-demand tankless unit, you can say goodbye to your hot water troubles. You may even qualify for a rebate as high as $300 along the way.

Consider these benefits of a propane water heater as compared to electric models:

  • costs up to 40% less to operate
  • produces hot water twice as fast
  • takes up less space
  • more accurate temperatures
  • more size and installation options

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that approximately 20% of a home’s energy costs are spent heating water. That’s why selecting an efficient water heater is critical—and propane fuels some of the most efficient water heating technologies available. Find out which water heater may be right for your family.