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Welcome Home to the propane lifestyle and the 2019 Inspiration Home powered by propane. Hi, I’m Jonathan Hartenstein, real estate broker here at fabulous Lake of the Ozarks in beautiful Central Missouri. This beautiful, luxury home is nestled in the trees, here in the villages at Shawnee Bend, a quiet and premier neighborhood overlooking the lake. This unique home fits this location perfectly and with propane power and appliances throughout the new owners can truly live the propane lifestyle with comfort, efficiency and independence.

Let’s begin our tour here in the living room, which features a Napoleon 42-inch Accent propane fireplace. The new family will enjoy the ambiance of flame and the proven performance of gas. Propane delivers five to six times the heating capacity of an electric fireplace with about a 90% efficiency rating. For comparison, a wood-burning fireplace operates at only 15 percent efficiency. Plus, you don’t have to chop the wood or clean up the mess. All you do is turn it on and relax.

It’s no secret professional chefs prefer the consistency of cooking with gas. This home’s cool kitchen is built around this 48-inch Wolf 13,000 BTU gas range. It has six burners, an infrared griddle, a convection oven for faster and more consistent cooking and a second, non-convection oven. This propane range provides precise control, instant heat and better performance than an electric model.

Now, let’s go downstairs and check out the heart of this home. You’re going to love the glass across the back and covered patio overlooking the lake, but you’ll also love the efficiency, savings and comfort of heating the home and water with propane. This home is zone-heated with two Rheem high-efficiency propane furnaces with 95% efficiency rating. And, propane is a hotter heat, which means the comfort level in this home is unmatched. Our home also has a propane tankless water heater. If you’re not familiar with the technology, these units provide an endless supply of hot water on demand. And, this particular water heater is the Navien condensing unit, which will save the homeowner 13 to 20 percent in annual energy cost over electric. It will also reduce the home’s carbon footprint with 50 to 60 percent lower CO2 emissions. And even better, you’ll never have to take a cold shower again.

Now, let’s go back outside and have a look at the exterior of the home. Here in the back of the house, overlooking the lake, you’ll find the Coyote 42-inch propane outdoor grill. These grills provide instant convenience, precision temperature control for that perfect steak every time, with virtually no cleanup. One thing you won’t see out here, a propane tank. This home’s spacious tank has been placed underground for security and curb appeal.

Another essential security feature of the home is the standby propane generator. This unit will keep the power running when the electric goes out from the power company, which happens here in the Ozarks from ice and wind storms. So while your neighbors are huddled around a flashlight under blankets, concerned about the refrigerator or getting life back to normal, you’ll be free to enjoy your time as though you would any other evening.

All-in-all, this home is awesome. It’s beautiful, it’s tasteful, it’s located in a great neighborhood and it’s powered by propane, clean American energy. If you’re thinking about building a new home or renovating your current home, talk to your propane retailer about the benefits of propane appliances and the opportunity to live the propane lifestyle.

Welcome Home

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Propane is a clean, American source of energy that can power many appliances in a home to improve performance, efficiency and comfort. Welcome Home to propane living. 

Get an inside look at this beautiful propane home at the Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri. With propane power and propane appliances throughout, this home’s owners will be able to enjoy the propane lifestyle of comfort, efficiency and independence every day.

Propane Home Features

  • A high-efficiency propane furnace provides a warmer heat from the registers for an unmatched level of comfort.
  • A propane tankless water heater ensures an endless supply of hot water on demand, so the homeowners will never have to take a cold shower.
  • With a propane gas range and convection oven, these homeowners will be able to cook like pros, with instant heat and precise temperature control.
  • A standby propane generator provides an extra level of security and independence.
  • A propane fireplace offers the ambiance of a real flame with the proven performance of propane heat.

Beyond all of these great features, because propane is a clean-burning fuel, propane homes leave a reduced carbon footprint compared to electric homes. Homeowners can live in luxury without having to worry about their home’s impact on the environment–another benefit of the propane lifestyle.

Additional Information on the Propane Lifestyle

If you’re thinking about building a new home or renovating your current home, talk with your propane retailer about your opportunity to live the propane lifestyle.