Propane Testimonials

Here’s what some of your Missouri friends and neighbors had to say about propane and propane appliances.

5 Star Review for Tankless Water Heater

“Propane is cheaper.”

“Prefer propane heat vs. electric.”

“Ready to stop using wood.”

“Biggest factor was wanting a source to replace wood furnace. Didn’t want electric as it is not warm enough.”

“Got several opinions. People encouraged getting rebate and going with high efficiency propane appliances. Opinions came from plumber as well as HVAC business friends.”

“Building new house. Much prefer propane as it continues to run if power goes out.”

“Prefer the efficiency of the propane furnace.”

“Propane preference due to cost and quality of propane heat vs. electric heat.”

“I have two daughters and a wife and need hot water!”

“Like propane heat much better than electric heat.”

“Better heat than electric.”

“In building a house, we wanted a gas fireplace. Propane is the most efficient power source and does not go out when the power goes out. Propane heats the water much faster and better.”

“Had a ground source heat pump that could not keep up. So switched back to gas. Also like that propane can keep a generator going if a storm causes power loss.”

“Was tired of electric and electric bill.”

“Building a house and a guy who works at an electric co-op said to use propane.”

“Prefer the quality of heat from propane and wife feels the gas stove heats more evenly.”

“I believe the propane appliances will last longer in the long-run and be less expensive than electricity.”