Trends in Propane

Why More Homebuilders are Building with Propane

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More and more homebuilders are using propane in their builds, and many use propane to power their own homes. Propane is an ideal fuel for Missouri homes, since it is dependable and efficient while performing at a high level. Owners of propane homes enjoy all the benefits of the propane lifestyle, including the performance and efficiency of a propane furnace and water heater, the ease of use of a propane cooking range, and the low maintenance of all their propane appliances. Home buyers in today’s market are looking for energy efficiency and independence, as well as environmental friendliness in their homes, and propane delivers. Plus, it is an affordable fuel that is easily integrated into many homes.

Homebuilders around the country like building propane homes because it is a dependable and versatile energy source that increases the value of homes and makes them desirable to potential buyers. Unlike natural gas, which is limited to areas with appropriate population densities, propane is readily available across Missouri and the U.S. in all types of situations. Installing a propane tank for an individual home is much more affordable than piping in natural gas from long distances. That’s why you can find propane used in some natural gas neighborhoods as homeowners prefer to have an on-site source of energy that is not tied to pipelines or subject to curtailment. Plus, propane is produced in America, so using it helps stimulate our American economy.

Using propane in a home is practical because, unlike natural gas or other energy sources, propane provides both energy independence and energy security. If a storm knocks out the power, propane appliances can still be used. Plus, propane generators kick on as soon as the power goes down. Even during a serious weather event, life can go on in a propane home. With the peace of mind that propane generators provide, they are a great selling point that increases the value of homes and helps them retain that value over time.

Right now, building with propane is even more cost effective with several rebates and incentives available at the state and national levels. Builders can receive a $400 state rebate through MOPERC’s Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program for installing a water heater and/or furnace in a new home or as a replacement for a non-propane unit. You may also be eligible to receive up to two additional $100 rebates when either or both of these units are paired with other appliances such as a cookstove, fireplace, clothes dryer or generator. At the national level, construction professionals can receive a rebate of up to $1,500 per project for installing propane appliances, up to a limit of $7,500 per year. Be sure to check the availability of these incentives as demand can impact the funding.

Another potential opportunity for builders is a partnership with MOPERC through the Propane HomePro program. MOPERC partners with quality Missouri homebuilders to develop projects that showcase the propane lifestyle. Through the partnership, homebuilders receive financial incentives on appliance purchases, installation and safety training for employees and marketing assistance through the sale of the home. The monetary value of the partnership will vary depending on the project but could range from $25,000 to $50,000. Through an extension of the program, HomePro Outdoor, builders can receive benefits for utilizing propane in outdoor living areas of the homes they build.

Building with propane can be beneficial for both the homebuilder and home buyer. Homeowners will enjoy the independence, security and comfort of the propane lifestyle, as well as the energy efficiency and performance of propane appliances. Building with propane increases the value of homes and makes them desirable to potential buyers. Plus, the space saving design of propane appliances makes them ideal for homes of any size, without sacrificing performance. With the perks of rebates and incentives, there is no better time than now to look into propane appliances for your next building project. Your customers will be glad you did.

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