Rural and Off-the-Grid Power

A cabin surrounded by trees and wooded area

Move your house off the grid affordably by plugging into propane.

Propane is available in rural or remote locations making living off the grid easy. In places where natural gas is not available and there is limited access to utilities, propane is a reliable option. Cogeneration, or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units are now available that produce heat in addition to electricity so you consolidate to a single source of energy.

Propane off-the-grid power systems are housed outside, usually adjacent to a carport or other non-living space. Propane generators can even serve as a primary energy source for modern off-the-grid homes

For those living a nomadic lifestyle or “van life,” a generator is a must have to power your appliances. Portable propane generators are a great tool and resource for RV owners and campers. They can also provide power for construction crews working on sites not yet connected to the power grid.

Propane for Off-the-Grid

Abundant and Made in the U.S.A
All of the propane consumed in the U.S. is produced in North America. Using propane for an off-grid power system contributes to America’s energy independence. Abundant supply in the U.S. allows propane customers ample opportunity to ensure that they’ll always have enough on hand for their needs, so propane is a dependable energy source all year long.

People like heating their home and water with propane because they know they will have a reliable supply of propane on hand whenever they need it. Unlike other energy sources, propane customers can contract for and store their energy supply on-site for the ultimate level of security. Having a propane tank on their property gives them the ability to store an off grid energy supply that’s always ready for immediate use.

Propane can fuel just about any system, whether it’s inside your home, in your backyard or on the road.

Propane appliances save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in annual energy costs compared to electric energy. Missouri’s propane consumers also have many local options for price, service and terms. Electric providers have monopoly-like territories without competition to provide the best price.

Additional Benefits
Propane offers many benefits for your lifestyle. Visit the Benefits page to learn more.

How to Move Off the Grid

Ready to get started living off the grid? Contact your local propane retailer and see how you can start living off the grid while enjoying the benefits of propane.