Propane for Agriculture

A propane bobtail driver delivers propane to a farm with large shop buildings and grain silos

The clean American energy of propane offers many advantages for agriculture across Missouri.

Propane is reliable, efficient and good for the environment. Propane works hard across Missouri farms and agricultural operations, just as the dedicated farmers and ranchers of Missouri do.

From organic weed control to livestock heating and grain drying, there are several uses for propane on your agricultural operation.

Agricultural Propane Uses

Corn and Soybean Grain Drying

More than 80 percent of grain dryers today run on propane. Propane is portable, so it’s ready to work whenever and wherever you are without the high expense of connecting to a supply line. Plus, propane stores exceptionally well, so there’s no need to drain tanks or stabilize fuel from one season to the next. The way propane is delivered and stored, fuel theft is of little to no concern. And, your supplier can work out a delivery schedule that ensures your tank is always full.

When it comes to drying grain, propane is tough to beat. With a higher BTU than natural gas and reliable on-site fuel storage, you get fewer shutdowns. The gas controls for propane-powered grain dryers are smaller and more economical. Additionally, since propane is such a clean source of energy, it will not contaminate your grain.

Propane grain dryers can also help cut hidden costs that sometimes are not factored into the equation, such as yield loss. Leaving crops in the field is leaving things to chance. On-farm drying with a propane grain dryer puts you back in the driver’s seat, with flexibility in harvesting and more control over marketing your grain. The premiums paid to elevators for drying grain can be eliminated putting more money in your pocket and boosting your bottom line.

Today’s grain drying technology continues to improve and become more efficient. Continuous-flow propane dryers are designed with fast-paced, high-yield operations in mind. They have a long operational life with low maintenance requirements, providing you more drying time, less downtime and increased profitability.

Organic Weed Control
Flame weeding with propane is perfect for organic farmers who can’t use traditional herbicides, or any producer who would like to reduce their herbicide use. It works by using intense heat to rupture plant cells, causing the weed to wither and die. Propane flame weed control can be used in a variety of weather conditions and growth stages, and it allows farmers to return to the field immediately after treatment.

Livestock Confinement Heat
With propane building heat, you get the consistent, precise temperatures needed for healthier animals. Heating poultry, swine or cattle livestock barns with propane is more affordable than other energy sources and propane is readily available and easily accessible. In fact, it’s already on millions of farms across America today used for reliably and effectively heating homes. Propane is a clean, efficient fuel that can keep your livestock and your bottom line healthier.

Convert to Propane

If you’re thinking about expanding your use of propane, converting to propane for new appliances or switching to propane as your primary energy source, please contact your local propane company to learn more about your options.