Propane Rebates for Fleet Operators

Propane is a safe, clean and efficient power source that is readily available.

And it’s ideal for fueling commercial fleets, including school buses, delivery trucks and transit vehicles, to reduce costs and emissions. The Missouri Propane Education & Research Council offers various rebates for adopting propane in your fleet, home and business.

Autogas Rebates

Representatives from the Liberty School District with a MOPERC rebate check

The Missouri Propane Education & Research Council has pledged $1 million to help organizations in Missouri, such as school districts and transit agencies, transition from diesel to low-emission propane buses and vehicles. The program offers rebates of $2,000 per propane vehicle, up to 10 per organization, at the time of delivery.* Use the funding to pay down the cost of the vehicle, for fuel or infrastructure, or for teacher and classroom needs. Cost-reducing propane vehicles put money back into your budget where it counts most!

There are additional funding opportunities and partners today to assist with a propane fleet, including:

  • Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
  • Volkswagen EMT funding.
  • Federal incentives.
  • Incentives and support from propane providers and wholesale suppliers.

Contact us to learn more.

*Incentives subject to terms and conditions; contact MOPERC for details.

Convert to Propane

If you’re thinking about expanding your use of propane, converting to propane for new appliances or switching to propane as your primary energy source, please contact your local propane company to learn more about your options.