Propane Autogas School Buses

A school bus sitting under a large shelter area next to a propane tank

Each day, nearly 1.3 million kids across the nation ride to and from school in buses fueled by propane autogas.

Nationwide, more than 1,000 school districts reliably and economically operate propane autogas school buses, including Missouri’s Kansas City, Fort Zumwalt, Grain Valley, Independence and Neosho school districts, and others.

Every child deserves to have a safe, clean, healthy ride to school. The way to provide that ride is not with the dirty diesel buses that transport most children today. The school bus of the future will be powered by propane because propane buses are better for our children and for our communities.

School District’s Propane Buses Lead to Widespread Benefits


Independence propane school bus

Although diesel prices were low at the time, Independence School District decided the long-term benefits of purchasing propane autogas buses and installing propane fueling infrastructure won out.

Kansas City

Kansas City propane school bus

In a progressive, tech-focused city, Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) recognized an opportunity to reduce emissions and noise by replacing aging diesel school buses with propane autogas school buses.


Neosho propane school bus

With aging buses to replace, Neosho School District looked to alternative fuel options that would eliminate diesel emission issues and offer environmental benefits while saving money.

Grain Valley

Grain Valley propane school bus

With aging diesel buses to replace, Grain Valley School District looked to alternative fuel options that would save money on fuel and maintenance.

Fort Zumwalt

Blue Bird propane powered school bus

A St. Louis suburban school district’s goal to reduce bus emissions and costs led to researching alternatives to diesel. The district became the first in the state to add propane autogas buses.


Three men stand in front of a school bus holding a giant check

With a commitment to excellence and longevity of assets, Liberty Public Schools sought to replace aging, costly and high-maintenance diesel school buses with a fleet that would be friendly to the surrounding environment, the district budget and the maintenance staff.

Propane School Bus Rebates

MOPERC has pledged $1 million to help school districts transition from diesel to propane buses. The program offers rebates of $2,000 per propane bus, up to 10 per district, at the time of delivery. This money can be used to pay down the cost of the bus, for fuel or infrastructure, or used for teachers or classroom needs — however the district wants. Cost-reducing propane school buses put money back into the classroom where it counts.

*Incentives subject to terms and conditions, contact MOPERC for details.

Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Funding

The state of Missouri will receive $42 million from the Volkswagen emissions settlement to fund transportation projects that reduce NOx emissions. Learn more about how propane autogas buses can offer access to these funds.

Adopt Propane Buses Today

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