Propane Autogas School Buses

A school bus sitting under a large shelter area next to a propane tank

Each day, 1.3 million kids across the nation ride to and from school in buses fueled by propane autogas.

Nationwide, more than 1,000 school districts reliably and economically operate propane school buses. In fact, 25% of America’s largest school districts choose propane autogas for their fleet.

Every child deserves a safe, clean, healthy ride to school. The way to provide that ride is not with dirty, outdated diesel buses that are known to cause harm. Propane school buses are a key piece to reducing toxic emissions and protecting our greatest resources.

School Districts' Propane Buses Lead to Widespread Benefits


Independence propane school bus

With an estimated savings of $2,000 in fuel costs per bus, Independence School District is adding 10 propane buses per year over the next five to six years.

Kansas City

Kansas City propane school bus

Kansas City Public Schools operates 170+ propane buses and enjoys a 60% savings in fuel costs compared to diesel.


Neosho propane school bus

Neosho School District’s 18 buses emit 571 fewer pounds of particulate matter and 13,600 fewer pounds of nitrogen oxides annually compared to the diesel models they replaced.

Grain Valley

Grain Valley propane school bus

After tapping grants for purchase assistance, each of Grain Valley School District’s new propane buses cost only $250 more than a comparable diesel bus, which was quickly recouped in fuel savings.

Fort Zumwalt

Blue Bird propane powered school bus

Fort Zumwalt School District has operated propane buses for over a decade, proving their staying power while reducing costs and emissions.


Three men hold a giant check in front of a school bus

With the addition of propane buses, the maintenance department at Liberty Public Schools earned the fleet excellence award from the Missouri state highway patrol. The district also saw an 80% reduction in fuel costs.


A group of smiling people hold a giant check in front of a school bus

Hannibal Public School District successfully implemented a fleet of 10 propane autogas school buses, replacing outdated diesel models. The switch to propane resulted in a 44% reduction in per-gallon fuel costs.

Propane School Bus Funding Opportunities

Propane is classified as a clean alternative fuel, and fleets that adopt propane school buses are eligible for numerous funding programs.

Missouri Propane Education & Research Council Incentive Program

MOPERC has pledged $1 million to help school districts transition from diesel to propane buses. The program offers rebates of $2,000 per propane bus, up to 10 per district, at the time of delivery. This money can be used to pay down the cost of the bus, for fuel or infrastructure, or used for teachers or classroom needs — however the district wants.

*Incentives subject to terms and conditions; contact MOPERC for details.

Federal Incentive Programs

The Clean School Bus Rebates program provides $5 billion between 2022-2027 to replace existing school buses with low- and zero-emission school buses. For more information, visit EPA’s Clean School Bus Program Funding.

Propane school buses are also eligible for a tax credit of 37 cents per gallon and up to $30,000 in infrastructure support through the alternative fuel tax credit.

Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Funding

The state of Missouri received $42 million from the Volkswagen emissions settlement to fund transportation projects that reduce NOx emissions. Learn more about how propane autogas buses can offer access to these funds.

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