Fall Fill Giveaway

Fall Fill Giveaway - Enter to win

It’s time to fill up your propane tank for the winter months ahead, and we’re here to help you do it! We’re giving away $500 in propane to one lucky Missourian!

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Funding Options for Propane School Buses

A mechanic working on the engine of a propane autogas school bus

School administrators throughout Missouri and across the country are making a change to benefit their students, their school districts, and the environment. They are switching to propane-powered buses to save…

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Backup Power for Severe Weather

Genearc propane backup generator

Are you prepared to go several days without electricity? For many, unfortunately, the answer may be no. Missourians know that severe weather is a year-round threat in the Midwest. From…

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Technology is Taking Off with Propane

Propane space rocket. Photo courtesy of Orbex. Photo source is LP Gas

In an industry largely recognized as down-to-earth and traditional, where companies favor face-to-face interactions, there has been no shortage of innovation and cutting-edge technology developments. The propane industry is gaining…

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Propane vs. Electric in Homes

Black truck sitting in the driveway of a propane home

Source Energy Secrets and Home Heating Propane is an ideal option to power homes in Missouri and across the Midwest. It’s a clean, high-performing and efficient energy that provides a…

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