Propane Clothes Dryers

A woman in a pink sweater moving clothes from a laundry basket to a propane dryer

Lower your energy bill and stay wrinkle free.

Clothes dryers use more energy than any other appliance in a home. Homeowners with propane clothes dryers can save over 20 percent in energy costs compared to electric dryers. The efficiency and cost benefits are due to propane dryer’s higher heating capacity, which dries clothes faster and shortens cycle times.

Propane dryers produce hot air with more moisture than electric dryers, which can help relax wrinkles. These appliances also have smart features like pilotless ignition and moisture sensors, preventing over-drying of the clothes, which saves additional energy. Over its lifespan, a propane dryer saves over 2,000 pounds of CO2 emissions compared to an electric model.

Convert to Propane

If you’re thinking about expanding your use of propane, converting to propane for new appliances or switching to propane as your primary energy source, please contact your local propane company to learn more about your options.