Residential Propane

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Propane is a clean and dependable, American energy source that Missourians use to improve the efficiency and performance of their homes. From heating to cooking to drying clothes, there are many ways propane can easily be used in your home to help you live more comfortably and save you money in utility costs.

Propane Powered Outdoor Kitchen and Patio

Propane Comfort

Propane Furnace Thermostat

Warmer Heat

Heat that leaves the register 20 degrees warmer than electric heat pumps, so you can enjoy the warmth of your home, even during the harshest months of the winter.

Propane Fireplace

Luxurious Living Rooms

The charming ambiance of a real-flame fireplace without any trips to the woodpile or messy clean up.

Propane Water Heater with a Luxury Shower Head

Endless Hot Water

An endless supply of hot water on demand, so you can enjoy long hot showers or warm baths at the end of your day.

Propane Firepit and Patio

Perfect Patios

Heated outdoor living areas to enjoy the fresh Missouri air and entertaining great company.

Propane Stove top Used to Stir Fry Vegetables

Cook with Ease

Cooking like a pro with the precise temperature control of gas to easily make a warm meal for your family and friends.

Garage Door

Heat Where You Need It

A heated garage or workshop so you can enjoy your hobbies year-round.

Propane Powered Towel Warmer

Spa-like Amenities

Hydronic radiant floor heating and towel warmers so you never have to step on a cold floor or wrap yourself in a cool towel again.

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Kitchen with High Performance Propane Appliances

Propane Performance

A home’s most critical functions run at their best when they’re fueled by gas. Propane can efficiently and effectively meet nearly all of your home’s major energy needs, inside and out.

High Efficiency Propane Furnace

High Efficiency Propane Furnaces

  • Propane furnaces provide a steady heating temperature of 115 to 125 degrees, regardless of outdoor temperature. Electric furnaces supply a heat below your average body temperature of 98 degrees, 60 percent of the time during heating seasons.
  • Propane furnaces achieve desired temperatures much faster than alternatives.
  • High-efficiency propane furnaces qualify for Energy Star’s Most Efficient label (95 AFUE level or higher), where heating oil furnaces are not eligible.
Propane Tank-less Water Heater

Propane Water Heating

  • Energy Star propane water heating units save about 13 to 20 percent in annual energy costs compared to electric and heating oil units.
  • High-efficiency propane tankless water heaters heat water on demand, as you need it, for an endless supply of hot water with no wasted energy costs.
  • Save hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs compared with typical electric storage water heaters.
  • Propane tankless water heaters have 50 to 60 percent lower CO2 emissions compared with electric storage tank systems.
Propane Burners

Propane Kitchen Appliances

  • Instant heat and temperature control.
  • Propane burners offer nearly unlimited settings between a low simmer and a high boil.
  • 96 percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas.
  • Food cooks faster with propane because propane burners apply heat directly to the pan you’re cooking in. Electric ranges heat the surface, and then the pan.
Propane Clothes Dryer

Propane Dryers

  • 20 percent less expensive to operate than electric dryers.
  • Save time and money by drying clothes faster and more efficiently.
  • Available in models with steam cycles for fresher garments, drum lights and LCD control screens.
Propane Fire Place

Propane Fireplaces

  • Offer Fireplace Efficiency (FE) ratings over 90 percent. Wood-burning fireplaces operate at about 15 percent FE.
  • Propane delivers 5 to 6 times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces.
  • The atmosphere and warmth only a real flame can provide.
Propane Standby Generator

Propane Standby Generators

  • A reliable way to protect your home from the damage a power outage can cause.
  • Available in a variety of capacities to fit the needs of any size home.
  • Will start automatically within seconds of the power going out.
  • Because propane does not degrade over time like gasoline, it is a reliable fuel for backup power.

Propane Living Room

Propane Living

Energy Star Propane Appliances

You work hard, and so does propane. Performance is the number one reason most people choose propane. Propane can efficiently and effectively meet nearly all of your home’s major energy needs, inside and out, from space heating and water heating to outdoor flame lighting and firepits. Propane appliances include the highest Energy Star ratings and can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in annual energy costs.


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