Propane vs. Electric

View of the kitchen with propane gas stove and the fireplace across the room

What’s the better choice for powering your home appliances?

Homeowners across the country are consistent with their wants and needs. They want appliances that are dependable, affordable, and efficient. Propane appliances check each one of those boxes. Ideally, the perfect appliance would also help the environment by utilizing the cleanest fuels while emitting the least amount of greenhouse gases. Propane can do that, too.

Propane delivers more value than any other energy source including electricity, making it the best choice for Missouri homeowners. Today, many homeowners rate the kitchen, master bedroom, and living room as the most important rooms in the home. These rooms are where people spend the bulk of their time while at home. Think of how many get-togethers end up in the kitchen around a propane stove, with the hosts impressing their expectant guests with made-to-order dinners. The warmth of propane heat is easy to appreciate in either the master bedroom or living room during cool Missouri winter nights. A propane fireplace in either room can add heat - and ambiance. In fact, propane can become the star of your entire house to provide comfort, convenience, savings, and independence from the electrical grid.

An important room not mentioned above is the laundry room. Propane hot water heaters provide hot water for your clothes washer and utility sink more efficiently than electric hot water heaters. Meanwhile, propane clothes dryers outperform electric dryers every time.

Is Propane or Electric More Green?

We can all agree that warm, comfortable and efficient homes are a good thing, but what about the people that also insist on environmental friendliness? How does propane compare to electricity in its effects on the environment? Since electricity is a secondary energy source, it is only as clean as the source that produces it. For instance, when coal is used to create electricity, it is not very green at all. For those of us in Missouri who wish to know how eco-friendly we are, we first must know how Missouri ranks as a producer of electricity. As consumers become more environmentally aware, the advantages of propane over electricity will become more apparent and so will the true cost of electrifying your home.

Take the Propane Home Tour

Take a 3D virtual tour of a custom propane home in Sedalia, Missouri to experience the warmth, charm and efficiency of the home and discover all that the propane lifestyle has to offer.