Propane Fleet Vehicles

Propane autogas workers on a propane autogas truck

Propane autogas has a long list of benefits for fleet vehicles of all sizes.

Businesses and government organizations have discovered that propane autogas vehicles deliver the lowest total cost of ownership of any fuel. If you're looking to make an impact on your bottom line and enjoy the benefits of utilizing a clean alternative fuel, propane autogas can be your solution.

Propane autogas is a great fit for medium-duty vehicles, light-duty vehicles and school buses. Any vehicle that has an engine and a spark can use propane autogas as a fuel. Class 3 to Class 7 medium-duty trucks that have a high level of fuel consumption and operate regional routes have a huge potential to take advantage of the benefits of propane autogas.

Benefits of Propane for Fleets

Many Industry Applications
Major companies have validated propane autogas as a viable fuel option in the food and beverage delivery industry. ReadyRefresh by Nestle Waters and Schwan’s Home Delivery utilize propane in their fleet vehicles to save on fuel costs and total cost of ownership and improve their corporate image by using a clean fuel alternative. Regional routes are a great fit for on-site propane autogas refueling infrastructure.

Convenient & Minimal Training
Propane autogas dispensers look, feel and operate very similar to diesel fuel and gasoline dispensers, with minimal training required for safe operation. There are many different types and sizes of fueling stations available. Depending on your facility and fuel needs, you can work with your local propane provider to choose an option that is the best fit for your business.

Strong Infrastructure
Fueling a propane autogas vehicle is a lot easier than you may think. Fleet managers have the option to have a dispenser installed at their location for a minimal (if any) upfront cost with an autogas fuel purchase contract.

In fact, propane fueling infrastructure is the most affordable of all fuel types, conventional or alternative. Plus, many propane providers will work with businesses to come up with affordable fueling options and can even lock in fuel prices for predetermined periods of time.

Propane Funding Opportunities

Missouri Propane Education & Research Council
MOPERC offers rebates of $2,000 per propane vehicle, up to 10 per company, at the time of delivery. This money can be used to pay down the cost of the vehicle, for fuel or infrastructure, or used for however your company wants. Cost-reducing propane vehicles put money back into your budget.

*Incentives subject to terms and conditions, contact MOPERC for details.

Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust
The state of Missouri has received $42 million from the Volkswagen emissions settlement to fund transportation projects that reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. Propane autogas transit buses can offer access to these funds.

State Propane Suppliers
The state’s propane providers and wholesale suppliers offer various financial incentives and support.

Federal Government
The U.S. Energy Department provides various federal incentive programs and tax credits to encourage the use of propane autogas, classified as a clean alternative fuel under the Clean Air Act.

Some available propane autogas vehicles have completed the Federal Transit Administration’s New Model Bus Testing Program (“Altoona Testing”). By purchasing an Altoona-tested vehicle, transit fleet operators can access federal funds that cover 85% of the entire alternative fuel vehicle cost with a 15% local match.

The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act also funds alternatives to diesel.

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