Propane Mowers for Landscaping Contractors

Two landscape contractors on stand on propane lawnmowers moving the grass on a college campus

Propane is a versatile and efficient energy source that delivers many benefits to landscapers and commercial mowing businesses.

Propane is America’s fuel that gets the job done. Propane mowers are a great choice for landscaping professionals who want to cut costs and grow their profit margin, all while protecting our environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Propane dealers make it easy to switch by offering flexible options for any business to purchase new equipment.

Propane is consistently less expensive than gasoline and diesel at the pumps, so by incorporating propane mowers into their fleet, landscaping contractors can lower one of their largest expenses - fuel.

For example, the automotive-style, closed-loop EFI system available in Kohler EFI models optimizes air/fuel settings to maximize performance and efficiency while minimizing emissions. Propane mowers also eliminate the risk of fuel leaks or spills and naturally prevent fuel from walking off from job sites.

With the great rebates available, now is the time to consider adding propane-powered equipment to your mower fleets to see just how propane can help you grow your business.

Grow Your Business with Propane

One-Fuel Solution
Propane today is already recognized by the U.S. EPA as a clean alternative fuel over gasoline and diesel options. Propane autogas engines hold much promise for the future because they not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and also reduce harmful NOx and particulate matter emissions.

Find Your Fit
There are over 150 propane mower models available, including walk-behind, stand-on, and zero-turn-radius models from industry-leading brands. You may also convert existing equipment using EPA- and CARB-certified conversion kits. Find the right fit for your business and you’ll be saving more on fuel and labor expenses. You may also convert existing equipment using EPA- and CARB-certified conversion kits. Find the right fit for your business and you’ll be saving more on fuel and labor.

Go Green
Propane is a clean-burning alternative fuel that leaves a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional fuel sources. In addition to producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions, propane is a non-poisonous, non-toxic fuel that won’t contaminate soil or groundwater, making it safe to use anywhere.

Make the Switch & Save
Through the Lawn Equipment Assistance Fund (LEAF) Program, commercial lawn care and maintenance companies can capitalize on MOPERC’s state incentive to offset the cost associated with purchasing a new propane-powered mower or converting a gas-powered mower to propane.

Business Benefits
Landscaping businesses can reduce labor expenses with propane’s convenient, on-site refueling to keep their crews in the field longer to maximize profitability. Unlike gas, propane does not degrade over time and propane engines are much easier to winterize, meaning your business is ready to roll at the start of next season with minimal equipment prep time.

LEAF Program for Landscape Contractors

Through the LEAF program, businesses can receive a $1,000 incentive for purchasing a new mower powered exclusively by propane. Businesses can also receive a $500 incentive for the conversion of an existing gasoline-powered mower to propane with an approved conversion kit.