Propane Mowers

Propane Mowers and their Benefits for Landscaping Contractors

Propane is a versatile and efficient energy source that delivers many benefits to landscapers and commercial mowing businesses. Propane is consistently less expensive than gasoline at the pumps, so landscaping contractors can lower one of their largest expenses by incorporating propane mowers into their fleet.

Landscaping businesses can also reduce labor expenses with propane’s convenient, on-site refueling to keep their crews in the field longer to maximize profitability. Propane mowers also eliminate the risk of fuel leaks or spills and naturally prevent fuel from walking off from job sites. All of these savings allow commercial landscaping businesses to provide more competitive bids and win more jobs as a result.

Propane is a clean-burning alternative fuel that leaves a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional fuel sources. The automotive-style, closed-loop EFI system available in Kohler EFI models optimizes air/fuel settings to maximize performance and efficiency while minimizing emissions.

There are over 150 propane mower models available, including walk-behind, stand-on, and zero-turn-radius models from industry-leading brands. What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to start enjoying the benefits of propane-powered mowers.

Propane is EFFICIENT

Propane Tanks Being Refilled
With propane, your crew can spend more time mowing and less time refueling to maximize your profitability.

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Propane is CLEAN

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Learn how a St. Louis area landscape contractor was able to grow profits and cut costs with clean propane energy.

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Propane Mower Savings Cost Calculator
Use a propane mower savings calculator to uncover the potential savings of incorporating propane equipment into your fleet.

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Propane Mowers

LEAF Program

Lawn Equipment Assistance Fund

Commercial lawn care and maintenance companies can capitalize on MOPERC’s state incentive to offset the cost associated with purchasing a new propane-powered mower or converting a gas-powered mower to propane.

Through the LEAF program, businesses can receive a $1,000 incentive for purchasing a new mower powered exclusively by propane. Businesses can also receive a $500 incentive for the conversion of an existing gasoline-powered mower to propane with an approved conversion kit.
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