Kansas City Public Schools Continue to Add Propane Buses

Kansas City propane school buses

Kansas City Public Schools recognized an opportunity to reduce emissions and noise by replacing aging diesel school buses with propane autogas school buses. The district began its adoption of propane school buses in 2019 by contracting with Student Transportation of America (STA). STA received a $20,000 rebate from MOPERC’s Clean Bus Replacement Plan in 2019.

“The economic, safety and environmental benefits of propane-powered school buses were major selling points,” Chris Wall, director of transportation for the district, told LPGas. “Those benefits made it a simple decision for us to choose propane because everyone wins.”

To make fueling convenient and to control costs, Kansas City Public Schools elected to build a propane fueling station. The district’s station includes an 18,000-gallon, aboveground tank with pumps that can refill four buses at one time. The district locks in an annual per-gallon fuel cost for propane autogas with Ferrellgas, so the price and supply remain consistent, also allowing for better budgeting.

With 171 propane autogas school buses in operation traveling an average of 16,000 miles per bus per year, Kansas City Public Schools have been able to enjoy a 60 percent reduction in fuel cost. Additionally, the district enjoys all the benefits associated with using a cleaner fuel, including a safer and healthier environment for students and drivers while actively contributing to a lower-carbon future.

If you’re interested in the opportunities and benefits of investing in propane school buses, learn more today.