Missouri Propane Appliance Rebates

Propane is a great choice to power many of the appliances in your home, providing homeowners unmatched performance, efficiency and comfort. Now, it’s easier than ever. It’s also very affordable, thanks to rebates that can save you up to $1,000 on your investment.

Through the Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program, which is authorized by the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council (MOPERC), homeowners can offset the cost of installing new propane appliances.

All the Benefits, All the Savings

Propane can be used throughout a home for space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, backup power, grills, and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, just for starters. Propane appliances provide several benefits to homeowners, including energy efficiency, cost savings and increased comfort, making propane a great feature for new homes.

The benefits don’t stop with increased livability. Both homeowners and builders can take advantage of several rebates and incentives available to homebuilders from the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council and the national Propane Education and Research Council. Your local propane dealer will be able to assist you in appliance selection and through the rebate application process all the way from the beginning of your project to completion.

Propane Rebate Opportunities

Furnace Rebate icon

$400 Furnace Rebate
When you install a new propane furnace for the first time.

Water heater rebate icon

$400 Water Heater Rebate
When you install a new propane water heater for the first time.

Bonus rebate icon

$100 Bonus Rebate*
When you install a propane cookstove, clothes dryer, fireplace or standby generator with your new propane water heater and/or furnace.

National Propane Rebates

Homebuilders can also receive national rebates for using propane. Construction professionals can earn up to $1,500 per project by installing qualifying propane appliances in new or remodeled homes. Visit propane.com for more details.

Missouri Propane Commercial Vehicle Rebate

MOPERC has pledged $1 million to help organizations, such as school districts and transit agencies, transition from diesel to propane buses and vehicles. The program offers rebates of $2,000 per propane vehicle, up to 10 per organization, at the time of delivery.* This money can be used to pay down the cost of the vehicle, for fuel or infrastructure, or used for other needs. Cost-reducing propane vehicles put money back into the budget where it counts!

*Incentives subject to terms and conditions, contact MOPERC for details.

Primary Reason for Choosing Propane


cost savings from rebates


cost-effectiveness over electricity


efficiency and warmer heat than electricity

Convert to Propane

To take advantage of these great rebates, please contact your local propane provider, who will be able to assist you from the beginning of your project all the way through to completion.