Reliable Backup Heat for Heat Pumps


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Propane is an efficient, reliable source of heat for homes. In fact, the truth is, propane is entirely capable of heating a home with a high-efficiency furnace with a warmer and more comfortable heat than any other energy source. However, if you are sold on a ground source (geothermal) or air source heat pump, a propane furnace is an ideal solution for backup heat in a hybrid, or dual-fuel, heating system as well.

Heat pumps do have some advantages in that they can be used for cooling in addition to heating. However, in many cases, they struggle to keep up heating on days when Missouri is experiencing harsh winter weather and extreme cold temperatures. On days like these, heat pumps frequently supply heating temperatures at or below the average body temperature of 98 degrees, leaving an unwelcome chill in the air. That’s where a backup propane furnace can come in. With a hybrid, or dual-fuel, heating system, the system can be switched over to the backup propane furnace when the temperature drops below a predetermined threshold, often somewhere between 32 and 40 degrees.

While heat pumps, especially ground source heat pumps, are known for their efficiency, they do have extensive upfront costs and long payback periods (up to 15 years). With a reliable backup propane furnace, heat pumps can be downsized to decrease the initial costs and the payback periods.

Convert to Propane

If you’re thinking about expanding your use of propane, converting to propane for new appliances or switching to propane as your primary energy source, please contact your local propane company to learn more about your options.