Greener Than Electricity: Propane’s Environmental Benefits

Power lines against a cloudy sky

The environmental impact of energy choices is a critical consideration for homeowners and communities striving for sustainability. While electricity is a familiar energy source, its environmental footprint is often misunderstood, primarily because it’s only as clean as the source that produces it. Unfortunately, Missouri lags behind in generating clean electricity, contributing significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlights that electricity generation is the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, dwarfing the combined emissions of all U.S. homes and businesses.1

The Hidden Environmental Cost of Electricity

In contrast, propane offers a greener alternative. It does not degrade over time, ensuring its readiness as a reliable energy source without the need for immediate use. Batteries need proper storage when not in use, are very heavy, expensive, and entail mining practices that largely occur overseas, reinforcing foreign dependency and environmental degradation.

Propane: A Sustainable Energy Solution

Missouri’s clean electricity production—or the lack thereof—sheds light on the necessity of considering alternative energy sources. Propane’s environmental advantages are clear, with high-efficiency appliances emitting far fewer greenhouse gases than electric counterparts. Propane furnaces, heat pumps, cooktops, water heaters, and dryers all operate more efficiently and with lower emissions. Additionally, the emerging promise of biopropane, a sustainable variant produced from plant and vegetable waste material, promises even greater environmental benefits, aligning with the goals of energy independence and sustainability.

Immediate Advantages of Propane in Energy Transition

The aging electrical grid and the challenges of transitioning to clean energy sources, like wind and solar, highlight the immediate advantages of propane. It offers a low-carbon, readily available energy solution that meets diverse needs without the extensive infrastructure required for alternative renewables. Several Missouri school districts and businesses have already recognized propane’s financial and environmental benefits, choosing it to fuel their operations and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Propane’s Role in a Greener Future

As awareness of environmental impacts grows, the benefits of choosing propane over electricity become increasingly evident, revealing the true cost of electrifying your home. Propane’s role in a sustainable energy future is not only about meeting today’s energy needs but also about paving the way for a greener, more independent energy landscape.