2020 Builder Show Recap | What Happens in Vegas Gets Shared to the World

builder show image

Thousands of homebuilders and others with interest in the industry recently converged on Las Vegas for the annual International Builder Show (IBS) hosted by the National Association of Home Builders. MOPERC was there this year to see the latest trends in style and materials, discover what’s new for homebuilders and consumers and to tell the Welcome Home story to propane appliance manufacturers.

While the show is massive, spread throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center, it’s an educated and entertaining show for anyone interested in building, construction or interior design. This year’s show had several featured common themes in new and emerging trends.

Building and Design Trends for 2020

Color stands out as a dominant trend as manufacturers are adding both bold and subtle color to almost everything. High-end stoves with red, yellow and blue fronts were particularly attention-getting.

Green energy was also another important trend, as companies are looking for ways to stand out in a crowded industry. Systems that combine renewable energy with backup power and smart technology set the pace.

Smart technology was visible throughout the show in everything from the kitchen, to the media room to the security of the home. Not only can smart technology allow you more convenient living, such as remotely controlling appliances, it can also add levels of protection through enhanced security safeguards.

Disguised space was also well-received. Doors disguised as bookcases, gun cases hidden behind picture frames and refrigerators behind “works of art” seamlessly blended functionality and style.

Tiny homes are also one of the growing trends. Several manufacturers offered packages available for those with limited space and limited budgets. Homes as small as a few hundred square feet, some with stackable second floors and other modular units, were shown outside under the Vegas sun.

Propane Appliance Outlook

In talking with manufacturers of gas appliances, it was good to hear that most, new models are being made with the option to convert to propane, either in the factory or on-site.  All were excited to hear about MOPERC’s innovative, new HomePro program, where MOPERC partners with Missouri homebuilders to build all-propane homes. 

All in all, Vegas was a great change from the Missouri winter and gave a broad look at an industry that is thriving with a renewed interest in building and the budgets to back it up. Through it all, propane will be there to serve the needs of rural America homebuilders and homeowners who seek a clean, energy-efficient and stylish propane lifestyle