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Evergreen Mobile Power JuiceBox

Let’s face it—We are constantly on the go. Missouri is chock-full of go-getters and get-er-doners.

Wherever the work takes us, we know we’ll need a reliable energy source to get the job done. Whether at a construction site, responding to a natural disaster or working off the grid, you can’t get things done without dependable mobile power.

Chuck Justus, founder of Evergreen Mobile Power, recognized this years ago and developed an innovative mobile power supply unit called the JuiceBox. This mobile generator is compact and easy to move, simple to operate with an easy on-off switch, and affordable to run and maintain with the clean and efficient energy of propane.

The JuiceBox is fueled by a 64-gallon propane tank mounted on a highway-rated trailer. The unit features GPS tracking, remote monitoring, and a sturdy 4-point lifting system which provides even more versatility. With a low level of required maintenance, the JuiceBox offers reliable mobile power that benefits both the environment and the balance sheet.

McBride & Son, one of the largest homebuilders in Missouri, has been enjoying the benefits of Evergreen’s mobile propane generators for years. The company typically builds 800-900 homes per year, so efficiency is a big priority. And, since the company often has sales managers set up in trailers in a community long before they start on the first home, having power immediately is a necessity.

Prior to discovering Evergreen’s mobile power units, McBride & Son had to rely on diesel generators for mobile power. The diesel generators were loud, inefficient and harmful to workers and the environment, emitting noxious fumes into the air. Today, with Evergreen’s propane-powered mobile generators, the company is saving about $350 per week on the price of fuel deliveries alone, not to mention savings on each gallon of fuel because propane is less expensive than diesel.

Evergreen’s JuiceBox mobile power unit is equipped with interchangeable power panels, so one side can be used to power a sales trailer while the other side can power tools. For McBride & Son, having on-site power saves time and money on projects, allowing them to be more efficient and profitable. Plus, the generators are so quiet and efficient that McBride & Son crews often leave them running all night, even on sites near occupied residences.

Propane is the perfect option to use when utility power is not available. It allows a job or event site to be self-sufficient without adding a big bill to the project. “Propane doesn’t really get the credit it deserves as the go-to energy source for mobile power,” said Justus. “Propane is clean and efficient, and a lot of times it’s easier to find and get than diesel. Diesel fuel is actually harder to find in some remote locations in Missouri and across the country.”

In addition to Evergreen’s JuiceBox mobile generators, the company also manufactures and sells mobile lighting towers. The Evergreen Rover is a 480W LED Light Tower that can light up the night sky to extend working hours prior to daylight or after nightfall. Powered by propane, this mobile lighting unit can run up to 4.5 days on its 14-gallon onboard fuel supply. The Rover features a fixed-mounted propane-fueled generator, an expandable mast up to 15 feet, and multi-link hookups to easily tow multiple units across a job site or event area.

“When it comes to portable lights, we wanted to create a product that could run a really long time, but that would also be easy to use and easy to move,” said Justus. “The Rover does all the work that a big light tower does but it comes in a small and functional package. And, because these units run on propane, they are really efficient. They provide a safe environment for workers and are good for the environment.”

In addition to propane-fueled mobile power and light solutions, Evergreen has also recently introduced a new portable HVAC system called PureTemp. With the PureTemp system, temporary structures, like wedding tents, can enjoy heat or air conditioning without installing vinyl flex duct installation. This saves both time and money and by keeping the evaporator and blower inside the structure, PureTemp uses its HEPA filtering and UV light disinfectant system to recycle air and keep the air within the structure cleaner.

Chuck Justus knows the benefits of propane through firsthand experience. Evergreen’s innovative products are clean, efficient and provide convenience and cost-savings to their owners and users with the clean American energy of propane.

Learn more about Evergreen’s products at evergreenmobilepower.com.