Propane Brings the Heat for Campen Heating and Air

Campen Heating and Air Propane Furnace

Campen Heating and Air provides HVAC services in northeastern Missouri and Illinois. Based in Canton, Missouri and owned and operated by John Campen, the company provides heating, cooling, furnace and air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance.

Serving a large rural Missouri and Illinois market, propane brings the heat for Campen Heating and Air in many regards. Propane is an ideal source of energy for home heating in the large rural region that Campen’s company services because of its availability, performance and efficiency.

For many of Campen’s customers, propane is the only option for cost-effective heat. Natural gas is unavailable and geothermal units lack appeal because of their large upfront cost. According to Campen, “There are tax credits available for ground source heat pumps, however, those incentives are tiered. They will be less next year, and if they go away, it will be even harder to justify the extensive upfront cost. The system will simply not pay for itself over its lifespan.”

Campen went on to explain, “Gas furnaces will last 20 years if they’re maintained properly. Some ground source and air source heat pump units we’re having to replace at around 12 years—you just don’t get your money back on the added expense.”

While Campen does serve some towns where natural gas is available, he noted that he has several customers who prefer propane over natural gas. “Right now, the cost of propane versus natural gas is comparable, but some people simply don’t want to pay a meter charge,” said Campen. With an above or underground propane tank, a home’s source of energy can be stored on-site for energy independence without being subject to meter fees from a utility provider.

Campen went on to discuss the performance and efficiency benefits of propane. “Propane provides a warmer temperature rise and a more comfortable heat than electric or heat pump units. Propane furnaces are also 96 to 98 percent efficient,” said Campen. Because propane provides a warmer heat from the registers, homes heated with propane reach their desired temperature more quickly, increasing comfortability and reducing the operation time of the furnace, further improving the unit’s efficiency.

Campen noted his relationships with local propane providers have also contributed to his success. “We’re from a smaller area so I know them and they know me. We all work together to get the job done and keep our customers happy.” Additionally, Campen and his entire staff attend Missouri Propane Gas Association’s (MPGA) safety training and certification programs. Campen noted that he finds the classes interesting and they are a valuable resource for staying up-to-date on the latest propane HVAC equipment, guidelines and regulations.

Propane brings the heat for Campen Heating and Air in many ways. Serving rural Missouri communities, propane is an ideal source of energy for home heating as well as additional home appliance applications including water heaters, fireplaces, cookstoves and standby generators.