Weather-Proofing Homes with Dependable Backup Power

Propane Can Do That Generac propane backup generator

Are you prepared to go several days without electricity?

For many, unfortunately, the answer may be no. Recently, with severe cold weather sweeping across the U.S., many had to face the harsh realities of power outages from electric and natural gas utilities.

Whether caused by storms, natural disasters or some other factor, the loss of grid power can happen at any time. The cost of being unprepared can be significant. Unfortunately, power outages can cause many more problems than just not being able to turn the lights on. They can impact essential home systems including smoke and fire alarms, refrigeration units, heating and cooling systems, health and safety equipment, and more.

It’s no surprise that homeowners are increasingly interested in weather-proofing homes with reliable backup power. In fact, it might be the most important investment for homeowners, as backup power keeps homes running during unexpected circumstances. Dependable backup power provides protection from the damage a power outage can cause and brings homeowners a welcomed peace of mind.

Propane backup generators offer benefits that other fuels simply can’t match, making it the ideal fuel choice for backup power to weather-proofing a home. A propane standby generator offers quiet power, efficiency, safety, and dependability. Plus, propane’s indefinite shelf life makes it an ideal fuel for standby power. Unlike gasoline or diesel which degrades over time, propane cannot go bad or expire. Additionally, propane is non-toxic, non-poisonous, and won’t contaminate soil or water like other liquid fuels. Propane also produces fewer emissions than gas or diesel, making it a low-carbon choice.

Propane generators power on automatically within ten seconds or less when a power grid failure occurs. In addition to helping weather-proof homes, propane generators also operate quietly, producing as little as 60 decibels of noise. That’s comparable to a normal conversation. With an adequate supply of fuel, propane generators can handle an entire home’s energy needs for days.

Because of propane’s energy versatility, this American-made fuel can also power other major energy systems and appliances throughout a home. Additional propane appliances are a benefit when it comes to choosing a backup generator. With fewer electric appliances drawing on the system, homeowners can install a smaller, more affordable propane backup generator while still having plenty of power to spare.

A propane backup generator can be powered by the same propane tank that’s already supplying your home. If you aren’t a current propane customer or are doing a remodel, a separate tank is an option.

If you are building a new home and want to install a generator, either during construction or later, be sure to consult your propane supplier and your electrical contractor to make sure the site is prepared correctly. Making sure the tank, piping, generator pad and transfer switch are properly located upfront will save time and money later on.

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