Backup Power for Severe Weather

Genearc propane backup generator

Are you prepared to go several days without electricity? For many, unfortunately, the answer may be no. Missourians know that severe weather is a year-round threat in the Midwest. From…

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Eugene Propane HomePro Recap

A living room with a propane fireplace burning

Located on the beautiful Redfield Golf Course, just down the road from the town of Eugene, the newest addition to the HomePro program is a true hole-in-one. Inspired by a…

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Propane vs. Electric in Homes

Black truck sitting in the driveway of a propane home

Source Energy Secrets and Home Heating Propane is an ideal option to power homes in Missouri and across the Midwest. It’s a clean, high-performing and efficient energy that provides a…

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Sizing Hot Water Heaters for the Home

Man inspecting propane hot water heater

Because of their potential for lower energy costs, tankless water heaters are becoming more popular in new homes and as replacements for storage tank units in existing ones. Propane tankless…

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Earn Money by Doing Your Laundry

Woman doing laundry

Propane dryers are energy efficient because they utilize the latest technology. The difference is in higher heating capacities, ranging from 18,000 to 30,000 Btu/h. Those higher temps can dry clothes…

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