Trends in Propane

Welcome Home to the Craftsman

Craftsman Home DesignThe results of a February 2018 survey conducted by Harris for real estate powerhouse Trulia suggests a shift in architectural design is at the forefront for the typical American home of the future. The study of 2000 participants 18 years or older revealed that Craftsman-style homes have replaced the traditional ranch as the preferred architectural style.

Although Craftsman homes garnered 43% of the vote and a 2% lead over long-favored ranch homes at 41%, it appears the 18 to 34-year-old millennial generation prefer these homes over their age 55 and older counterparts by 52% to 36%, respectively.

Craftsman homes are typically defined by low-pitched roofs with deep eaves and dormer windows. They feature inviting and spacious covered front porches with big and bold columns. Double-hung windows with grilles are common in Craftsman-style homes and compliment the various exterior textures of stone, wood and vinyl.

Today’s Craftsman interiors feature higher ceilings of nine and ten feet, creating an impression of spaciousness. Craftsman homes feature open concepts with large gathering spaces to accommodate and entertain family and guests. Wood beams, functional built-ins, hardwood floors and decorative tile and stone portray a Craftsman-style character and charm.

At the heart of almost every Craftsman-style home, fireplaces rank among the top desired amenities for home-buyers today. They provide an attractive ambience and an added level of comfort during cooler seasons. Gas fireplaces require no trips to the wood pile, no messy cleanup, and the realistic flame and flicker at the flip of a switch creates a comfortable and convenient warmth that can easily be enjoyed.

Propane fireplaces cost less than $150 annually to operate and produce five to six times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces. Propane systems have the potential of achieving a 90% Fireplace Efficiency rating. Rather than pulling warm air from a home’s interior, a propane system’s vented design draws in fresh outdoor air to create combustion.

Visit your local propane dealer to learn more about the comfort and efficiency propane fireplaces deliver and how they can easily be incorporated into your home.