Propane Mower vs. Gasoline Performance

Landscape professional riding a red propane mower

Performance is important. Your customers expect your company to do the job they contracted for. You expect your crew to show up on time and complete their designated tasks. You also expect the same from your equipment. It needs to perform well, day in and day out, so your company can be profitable.

The performance of your mowers has a big impact on your bottom line. It’s important that the equipment performs in the field so your crews can operate safely, effectively and efficiently. It’s also important that your cutting operation performs on the balance sheets to provide an acceptable return on your investment.

Propane mowers have several advantages over gasoline mowers in terms of performance, on the job and on the bottom line of your business. Even with gasoline prices currently lower than they have been historically, propane mowers continue to perform better than gasoline mowers in many categories.

On-site refueling allows your crew to spend more time working and less time at the gas station. Propane cylinders can be swapped out quickly at job sites so your crews can have more uptime.

Landscape companies that run propane mowers say mowers are less likely to bog down in tall or damp grass. Propane mowers power through tall grass, cutting it cleanly and evenly without having to slow down.

Steady Fuel Price
Fuel contracts available through propane marketers allow you to lock in your fuel price for the season for easier and consistent budgeting.

Because propane burns cleaner than gasoline, propane mowers require less maintenance and have a longer service life, creating savings you can pass along to customers for a competitive edge or use to boost your bottom line.

Spillage and Pilferage
Propane equipment has a secure, closed-loop fuel system. This saves money by virtually eliminating costly, harmful spills, and dramatically reducing fuel theft.

Clean Energy
On the job, employees are more productive and satisfied using clean equipment, and safer without having to continually breathe harmful emissions from gasoline exhaust. Additionally, promoting your choice to use cleaner fuel can help attract new business from customers who care about sustainability.

Propane can have many benefits for your business. Propane performs better than gasoline on job sites and in terms of your company’s profitability. By switching your fleet to propane, you’ll be able to enjoy these benefits for many seasons to come. Learn more about how you can utilize the proven performance of propane mowers at