The Benefits of Installing Propane Appliances for Commercial Businesses

Man using propane dryer in commercial business

Propane is known for providing superior performance, comfort and convenience in homes across America, but it can also be a valuable resource for businesses as well.

The same quality appliances that bring the propane lifestyle to the home can also save businesses money along with providing other benefits. Installing commercial propane water heaters, furnaces, generators, and other appliances can give any business an added advantage because of their reliability and efficiency.

The advantages of propane begin with its cost-saving ability. It is consistently cheaper than other fuels and typically stays at a relatively steady price, meaning there is less uncertainty in fuel costs. Additionally, propane appliances are reliable and durable, so they are cost-effective to install and maintain over time. Beyond these reasons, propane is produced in the United States, so installing propane appliances translates to more American jobs and more money in the economy.

Propane is an efficient, reliable and clean fuel, making it a perfect fit for businesses that need certainty in the workplace. Propane appliances can go to work in many commercial settings, from restaurants, hotels and laundries to office buildings, factories, warehouses and more. Propane appliances can serve the needs of almost any business, large or small, because there are so many options available with different applications.

During uncertain times, propane can bring added peace of mind for business owners and customers alike. Propane water heaters can provide endless volumes of hot water on demand, so cleaning and sanitizing is made easier. Both tankless systems and storage tank models are available, and both provide several benefits over electric models, including greater efficiency, lower energy consumption, greater heating capacities and reduced emissions.

For added peace of mind, consider installing a propane-powered generator. These generators allow appliances – and businesses – to continue operating even when the power goes out. That means spring storms or any other issue will not cause a business to skip a beat, because propane generators start up automatically when needed. If your business has a critical need to stay up and running, a propane generator is a must.

The benefits of propane do not end there, as it is an excellent fuel to use for space heating. Commercial propane furnaces are self-contained and are available in capacities up to more than 1 million Btu/h, so they can heat even large commercial spaces. These units are very efficient, with ratings between 80 and 98.5%, which translates to more savings to put back into the business. Most importantly, propane furnaces supply air that is warmer than electric models, providing greater comfort for your customers and staff, all day, every day.

For a multi-use heating option, consider a propane boiler. Boilers can be used for both space and water heating and have a high capacity, with some models reaching over 8.6 million Btu/h, making them ideal for large buildings. The same boiler can often function as an efficient water heater as well, saving space and money for your business.

The benefits of propane are not limited to heating and backup power. Propane is an excellent choice for a commercial kitchen, as 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with propane because of the ease and convenience it provides. Additionally, propane-powered clothes dryers deliver consistently faster drying times over electric models because of their advanced design, which saves energy and money.

Whether your business is expanding to a new building or just replacing a few appliances, consider propane to power your business more efficiently than electricity, and save money and worry over time. Propane appliances are reliable and efficient, and propane provides the added advantage of being one of the cleanest burning fuels, so businesses that utilize propane appliances can feel good knowing they are doing more for our environment and communities. No matter your business, propane can deliver peace of mind for you, your employees, your customers, and your bottom line.