Head to Head: Propane vs. Gas Generators

Generac propane generator

These days, we rely on electricity more than ever, but power outages are becoming more common. That is why it is so important to prepare your home as much as possible for the event of an outage.

A home can be built with the best materials and can be sturdy and resilient itself, but without a reliable standby generator, a family can still be left in the dark during a storm. During an outage, food can spoil, electronics can die, the temperature in the house can change drastically—life comes to a standstill. However, all this can be avoided by installing a reliable propane-powered standby generator. Propane-powered generators are the best choice for backup power in a home or business because propane is the most reliable and sustainable fuel, making it ideal to power an emergency generator.

One of the most important benefits of propane-powered generators is that they will start automatically when needed. In fact, after a power outage, a propane generator can start supplying power to a home in as little as 10 seconds, meaning there will be almost no interruption in service. Not only do propane-powered generators start fast, but they can run for days, much longer than other sources of backup energy. That means that when neighbors are left in the dark, a propane-powered home can support life as usual.

Unlike gasoline or other fuels, propane is an ideal standby fuel because it does not degrade over time. Also, there is no danger of propane being shut off in the event of an emergency, as can be the case with natural gas. Utilities can and do enact “curtailment” when natural gas demands reduce availability or impact service pressure.

Propane is one of the cleanest fuels available, both in storage and in combustion. It is a non-toxic fuel, so in the rare event of a spill or leak, it will not harm the soil or water. Propane will instead vaporize and dissipate into the air rather than pool on the ground or penetrate the soil. And under proper combustion, propane produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other fuels, further proving its quality as a green fuel.

Propane generators provide the added benefit of being very quiet, typically producing only 60 decibels of noise, which is about the level of normal conversation. Also, propane generators come in a wide variety of sizes, so no matter the size of your home, there is a propane generator that can meet your needs and keep your family safe. When combined with other propane appliances throughout a home, propane generators can help a family get back to life as normal in little to no time after a power outage. In fact, the more propane appliances that a home utilizes, displacing electrical demand, the smaller the generator required.

Not only do propane generators provide peace of mind for the homeowners, but they can also increase the resale value of the home. Few homes have a reliable source of standby power, so installing a propane generator can really set a home apart and make it more valuable to potential homebuyers. Additionally, a generator can save a homeowner money over time. Each time the power goes out for even a few hours, homeowners run the risk of losing money to spoiled food, damaged electronics, and more. With a propane generator, life is free to resume as usual and these costs can be avoided, not to mention the emotional costs of stress and uncertainty. Taking all this into consideration, a propane generator is undoubtedly worth the upfront cost.

Whether you are building or remodeling a home, or just looking to add some peace of mind in uncertain times, consider adding a propane-powered generator to ensure the safety and comfort of your family at all times. The best time to install a generator is before it is needed, so talk to your local propane dealer today to go over options and see which propane generator is best for you.