Governor issues Executive Order on Gygr-Gas

Member Advisory

Today, Governor Mike Parson signed Executive Order 22-08 to waive Section 323.030 RSMo and 2 CSR 90-10.019 to allow registered Missouri liquefied petroleum gas companies to fill containers previously owned by Gygr-Gas. Gygr-Gas has reportedly ceased all business operations and is no longer serving its customers, leaving several thousand Missourians across 42 counties without propane service to their Gygr-Gas owned propane containers.

“State law prohibits propane tanks owned by one company to be filled by a different company, and while that state law is important for safety standards, this is a unique situation that requires immediate action,” Governor Parson said. “Gygr-Gas has left its customers without proper recourse, but we won’t. We are issuing this Executive Order to ensure that former Gygr-Gas customers can keep their homes heated and families warm this winter and holiday season. We know this is a busy time of year for many propane providers, but we encourage them to do all they can to help Missourians abandoned by Gygr-Gas.”

Gygr-Gas has been unresponsive to customers for months. Customer propane tanks have been left low or empty with no ability to have them filled by another company. Missouri state law prohibits anyone other than the owner of a propane tank, in this case Gygr-Gas, from filling it without the owner’s permission. This is a national safety standard designed to protect the integrity of the tank and piping. For Gygr-Gas customers, however, this is an obstacle to getting other companies to provide fuel or service in Gygr-Gas’s absence.

Executive Order 22-08 allows other entities registered to fill liquefied petroleum gas containers in Missouri to fill containers owned by Gygr-Gas only. It does not apply to liquefied petroleum gas containers currently serviced by any other company.

The Missouri Propane Safety Commission has been following the Gygr-Gas developments and may move to suspend the company’s registration.

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