Exterior Design Trends of Today’s Beautiful Homes

Exterior Design Trends - Modern Home with Outdoor Lighting

The front of a home—its architectural features, color, texture, and landscaping—makes a statement about the people who live within its walls and their values. It determines the level of respect they command from the guests who are invited inside and the strangers who are merely passing by.

Selecting exterior surface materials that compliment one another can give your home a stunning look and an added level of curb appeal.

Balance is essential when selecting exterior surface colors and textures of brick, stucco, or stone. A home’s exterior color scheme usually relies on a primary color with corresponding hues for accent and trim.

Many components work together to create a house with extraordinary curb appeal. Consciously and subconsciously we are drawn to objects with balance and logical proportion, which may explain our attraction to a particular home.

A key to designing a house with symmetry often involves splurging on a focal point—a spectacular entry door with crafted glass, for example, or a stately porch with columns. From here, both sides of the front exterior are uniform with a consistent roof line and features like matching oversized picture windows or identical gables of stone or brick.

Large windows allow natural lighting to enter a home. Large, energy efficient, vinyl windows require less maintenance and are eco-friendly—features almost any homeowner can be onboard with regardless of their preference of design.

Custom garage doors can add a fresh and unique look to your home. Garage doors today are available in a variety of materials with many options for hardware. These new doors can turn a standard element of your home into a feature that compliments other components.

A home’s landscape and lighting complete the balancing act of its charm. Research is essential when selecting trees and shrubs for the exterior of a house. The suitability to morning and afternoon sun and climate weighs in along with mature height and width.

Selecting the appropriate lighting—wall mounts, hanging lanterns, and pathway lights—is also key to a home’s aesthetics as well as its safety and security.

A recent National Association of Homebuilders survey revealed that 90% of its respondents selected exterior lighting as one of the most important outdoor features of a home. 83% of those surveyed selected a patio, and 80% selected a front porch.

Bonus Tip: Consider adding propane-powered lamps to your home’s exterior. The golden hue and real-flame flicker of a gas lamplight is warm, inviting, and can add an extra level of dimension and personality to columns, pillars and driveway entrances.

Visit your local professional propane dealer to learn more about propane lamps and outdoor lighting to give your home a boost in curb appeal and charm.