How Municipal Departments are Finding Success with Propane Mowers

man riding propane mowers

Landscape contractors and municipal departments keep lawns looking beautiful and well-maintained, but for those using gasoline-powered mowers, there is a better way to do it.

Municipalities across the nation are turning to propane to power their mowers. Lawnmower fleets fueled by propane save taxpayer dollars by becoming more efficient. In addition to improved efficiency, municipalities using propane mowers also experience the positive environmental impacts associated with clean-burning fuel.

Propane is an excellent fuel for powering lawn mowers because it is clean, efficient, and cost-effective. Propane mowers perform at the same or higher level compared to gasoline-powered mowers. One Missouri-neighboring state municipal department that knows firsthand about the benefits of propane lawn equipment is the city of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Knoxville, a city known for its outdoor amenities and active lifestyles, converted its mower fleet to propane in order to protect the city’s natural resources as well as taxpayer dollars. The city’s 18 mowers run throughout the summer to keep its parks and lots clean and trimmed.

Daniel Pendelton, an operator with the city who uses propane mowers daily, talked about the benefits of propane for the environment.

“The way the city is going with clean energy, it is providing for this generation and also generations to come.”

Propane is better for the environment than other energy sources because it is a clean-burning fuel that produces far fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel. Also, it is nontoxic so in the unlikely event of a spill, soil or groundwater will not be contaminated. The closed-loop fueling system used in propane lawn mowers greatly reduces the chance of spills as well as fuel theft, adding to the security of a propane unit.

Propane also saves time at the job site because refueling is quick and easy. Replacing a propane tank only takes about 30 seconds, so crews can get back to work in no time without having to make a trip to an offsite fueling station.

Chad Weth, Knoxville’s Director of Public Services, said, “Using the propane mowers is a win-win for everybody.” He explained that since propane mowers operate so cleanly, the city has seen significant savings on their maintenance costs since making the switch.

In addition to lower maintenance costs, operators can also save money on fuel. Propane is typically less expensive than gasoline and other fuels. This stretches taxpayer dollars for local governments or lowers the bids while enhancing the bottom line for private landscape companies.

Keith Shields, Director of Fleet Services with the city, noted the many additional perks that come with propane mowers.

“They are safer, they are not as noisy on the operators, they are better for the environment, and when it comes time to winterize them, just by running the fuel out they are winterized.”

The city of Knoxville has seen all these benefits without a reduction in performance. Efficiency, cleanliness and affordability are all hallmarks of propane power, making it a great choice for landscape contractors in Missouri and across the country. Not only will propane improve a business’ bottom line, but landscape professionals can also be confident that they are doing more to protect the environment. Using clean propane power can be appealing to customers who are environmentally conscious, potentially resulting in more contracts won.

Like our Tennessee neighbors, Missouri has beautiful natural resources that deserve to be protected. Propane technology allows us to maintain our outdoor spaces while protecting the environment, so switching to a green alternative for lawn care just makes sense. Beyond its energy efficiency, propane allows for cost savings without sacrificing performance, which is a winning combination for everyone. For cities and landscape contractors alike, propane is a smart choice.

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