Why More Homebuilders are Building with Propane

Homebuilder talking with a man

More and more homebuilders are using propane in their builds, and many use propane to power their own homes. Propane is a versatile and efficient energy source that can power a variety of appliances throughout your home. Plus, it is an affordable fuel that is easily integrated into many homes.

Propane Adds Value for Homebuilders

Propane is an ideal fuel for Missouri homes since it is dependable and efficient while performing at a high level. Owners of propane homes enjoy all the benefits of the propane lifestyle, including the performance and efficiency of a propane furnace and water heater, the ease of use of a propane cooking range, and the low maintenance of all their propane appliances. Homebuyers in today’s market are looking for energy efficiency and independence, as well as environmental friendliness in their homes, and propane delivers.

On-site Independence

Now more than ever, families want to feel in control of their lives. A winning option that provides unsurpassed control is the installation of a propane standby generator. Propane standby generators provide an extra level of security to homeowners. Even during a serious weather event, life can go on in a propane home. Propane backup generators will kick on within a matter of seconds after a power disruption. As an added bonus, a propane backup generator can be powered by the same propane tank that’s already supplying the home. With the peace of mind that propane generators provide, they are a great selling point that increases the value of homes and helps them retain that value over time.

Endless Hot Water

A tankless propane water heater can ensure that families will not run out of hot water, for bathing, laundry or washing hands. Suffering through cold showers or staggering appliance use because the water heater can’t keep up is no longer a problem. Even a conventional tank water heater benefits the homeowner through lower operating costs when compared with electric models. With today’s renewed focus on sanitation and cleanliness, a propane tankless water heater is a logical choice.

Kitchen Control

Did you know that 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas heat over electric? With propane’s instant heat and precise temperature control, even amateur chefs can cook like the pros. Propane gas cooking ranges have been at the top of homebuyers’ wish lists for years. With more people eating meals at home, a propane kitchen range is a great addition that can add not only make the kitchen more useful but also create additional value.

The Space You’re In

More Americans are spending more time at home than ever before as many shifted to remote or hybrid work environments. Adding functional amenities, such as the warm ambiance of a propane fireplace or the outdoor versatility of propane grills, firepits or lighting can help bring a work-life balance to your home. Even in the laundry room, where propane dryers finish the load faster and with fewer wrinkles than do electric models, you’re able to spend more time doing what you want.

Clean, efficient energy

Propane allows homeowners to live independently and freely while having a lower carbon impact than a comparable all-electric home. When analyzing source energy ratios, propane wins hands down. Data based on national averages show that it takes 3.03 units of energy to produce and deliver one unit of energy in the form of electricity to a home, versus just 1.15 for propane. In addition to increasing a home’s energy efficiency, propane appliances produce much fewer emissions, which is important to any builder concerned with their property’s carbon footprint. For instance, a propane tankless water heater reduces emissions by 67 percent compared to an electric storage tank model. Propane is the cleanest conventional fuel, emitting far less greenhouse gas than most other energy sources.

Affordable, Abundant and American

Unlike natural gas, which is limited to areas with appropriate population densities, propane is readily available across Missouri and the U.S. in all types of situations. Installing a propane tank for an individual home is much more affordable than piping in natural gas from long distances. That’s why you can find propane used in some natural gas neighborhoods as homeowners prefer to have an on-site source of energy that is not tied to pipelines or subject to curtailment. Plus, propane is produced in America, so using it helps stimulate our American economy.

Propane offers many advantages – for you, your customers and your community. Elevate your next project by creating the aspirational, comfortable experience that only propane can provide. To see how other homebuilders have integrated, learn more about building with propane, or become a HomePro partner, visit www.propanehomepro.com.