Outdoor Living Design Trends for 2020

Outdoor Living

Now is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your outdoor living space. (And if you don’t already have an outdoor living space, it’s a perfect time to develop one!) Whether you have a modest deck, a stone patio or a patch of lawn that longs for a higher purpose, creating an outdoor space will add to the livability of your home, elevating the outdoors into an inviting destination. Outdoor living spaces are among the top “must-have” trends for today’s homebuyer, so it adds value as well.

New Design Trends for Outdoor Living Areas

Here are several design trends that will be topping homeowners’ wish lists in 2020:

Biophilic design, which uses natural elements like stone, water, fire or plants, is gaining in popularity as a landscape trend.¹ A planter wall helps create this environment.² Planter walls are structures designed for growing and displaying plants, and they can be built into a deck or patio retaining wall.

Keeping with the natural feel, warm hues such as brown and beige are back in style.¹ These softer colors can be offset by pops of bright colors, such as blues, greens or yellows. 2020 is also expected to bring geometric, retro shapes back in style.¹ These can be incorporated through paver stones or furniture prints to add interesting patterns and textures to your space.

With the increase in Americans working from home, versatile outdoor spaces are becoming more important. Fewer people are asking for home offices, looking instead for the versatility to be able to work anywhere in or around their home. Features like fireplaces and fire pits are becoming more popular, allowing people to work and play outside even after the weather cools down for the year.¹ A propane-powered fireplace or fire pit can keep an entire patio warm, without the cost of electricity or the mess of wood.

Another change expected in 2020 is moving the outdoor living space to the front yard.¹ More people are choosing to landscape their front yards and make that the focal point of their home instead of the backyard. This means that more elaborate walkways will become a priority to more people. It is also the perfect way to incorporate outdoor lighting into a home design. Propane outdoor lighting is a great solution because of its efficiency and safety. Plus, there is the added benefit of the beauty of a real flame. Appropriate lighting is key to maximizing the aesthetic appeal of your home, and propane lighting delivers.

Recent years have seen a rise in outdoor kitchens, but a new trend is outdoor bars.² A bar can be an addition to an outdoor kitchen, or it could stand alone. It is a great choice for homeowners who like to entertain, especially those who like to grill. A propane grill is a must-have addition to an outdoor bar area, so guests have one stop for hot food and cold drinks. Propane grills provide greater temperature control with instant on/off power, letting any amateur griller feel like a professional. An outdoor bar is a relatively simple addition to a patio and can maximize outdoor entertainment through the summer months and beyond.

A new decade is the perfect opportunity to redesign your outdoor living space into the one you have always dreamed of. Taking inspiration from these trends is a great place to start for ideas that will add style and value to your home.

Incorporating propane appliances will help make the most out of your outdoor living space. In addition to the uses mentioned earlier, propane is also a great option for pool and spa heaters and even mosquito traps. Utilizing propane in your deck, porch or patio will allow you to bring the comfort of the indoors outside and take full advantage of the propane lifestyle.

To learn more about the propane lifestyle and the benefits of propane, check out the Residential page or visit with your local propane provider.


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