The Advantages of Propane Generators on Jobsites

Propane generators on job sites

On any job site, it is important to minimize cost and distractions. That is why loud, expensive diesel generators can be a detriment to your work environment. Remote power on job sites is a necessary component, especially in cold conditions. Generators bring the needed energy that helps keep a crew running efficiently from start to finish. However, traditional diesel and gas generators leave a lot to be desired. They are noisy, dirty, and inefficient. Propane-powered generators, on the other hand, are much cleaner, smaller, and quieter, making them a great choice for remote power on a job site. 

Propane is an affordable fuel, typically costing 30-40% less than other fuel types. Propane also burns much cleaner than gasoline or diesel, reducing a company’s carbon footprint. On top of that, propane generators are quiet, so there is no worry of disturbing neighbors when working in a residential area. Additionally, the job site can be a safer place to work without a noisy generator potentially causing distractions or miscommunications.  

McBride & Son Homes, one of the largest homebuilders in Missouri, has switched to propane generators exclusively on their job sites. The company typically builds 800-900 homes per year, so efficiency is a priority. The company often has sales managers set up in trailers in a community before they begin building the first home there, so having power immediately is a necessity. Before they began using propane power, the company used diesel generators that were loud and inefficient. Now, with propane generators, the company is seeing savings of about $350 per week, with no more clouds of black smoke. 

The generator that McBride & Son uses is the EverGreen 4, produced by St. Louis, Energy Tree. This 4×4 foot generator is easily portable, and it offers another convenient option. Each one is equipped with an interchangeable power panel on each side, so one side can be used to power a trailer while the other side can power tools. Having on-site power like this can save time and money on a project, allowing a company to be more efficient and profitable. Plus, the generators are so quiet and efficient that McBride & Son often leave them running all night, especially during the winter months. 

Propane is the perfect option to use when utility power is not available. It allows a job site to be self-sufficient without adding a big bill to the project. Propane generators have helped one of the largest volume home builders in Missouri save thousands of dollars per year in fuel costs. 

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