Scott’s Power Equipment Empowers Customers

Julie Fisher and Scott Muehihauser of Scott's Power Equipment

“Our business is to help our customers grow their businesses.” These are powerful words from Scott’s Power Equipment Marketing and Accounting Director, Julie Fisher. Scott’s Power Equipment is a commercial outdoor power equipment dealer with locations in Wentzville, Bridgeton and Arnold, and they serve landscape contractors throughout the greater St. Louis area.

This spring marks the 20th anniversary for Scott’s, a company that takes great pride in providing exceptional service to their customers. In fact, they have a 24-hour guaranteed service turnaround for new equipment they sell. If it can’t be serviced or repaired within 24 hours, the company loans their customers the equipment they need to get their job done.

Scott’s is the largest dealer of Ferris walk-behind mowers in the world and they also offer other types of outdoor power equipment including aerators, chippers, loaders, trenchers and a wide variety of walk-behind, stand-on and zero-turn-radius mowers.

“We’ve had a significant level of interest from our customers in propane mowers,” said Scott Muehlhauser, Scott’s owner. “For most of our customers, efficiency in the field and on job sites is a top priority. Our customers that use propane mowers like the efficiency that propane brings to their work crews and mower fleets.”

“Our propane mower customers like the fact they can send their crews out in the morning with a full day’s fuel supply to minimize downtime,” Muehlhauser went on to say. “That half-hour trip to the gas station at the beginning or end of the day can result in a significant labor expense without a return.”

Meuhlhauser cited another concern for lawncare and landscape company owners in regards to gasoline—spillage and theft. Muehlhauser noted, “another reason our customers use propane is because of the spillage or loss of fuel going places other than their equipment.” Muehlhauser continued, “I’ve heard some of our customers say that their loss can be up to 10 percent, which is a lot of fuel and money.”

In addition to inefficiencies with gasoline refueling, there are also some negative consequences that can result from poor-quality gasoline fuel. “That’s one of the key benefits of propane,” said Fisher. “Engines that have not seen the contaminants from gasoline are going to have less carburetor and fuel-related issues, resulting in less required maintenance and a longer service life.”

“At Scott’s, we work really hard to help our customers make more money,” said Fisher, “whether that’s petitioning with congress in Washington D.C about important issues our industry is facing or providing the most innovative and effective products and solutions to get the job done efficiently.”

“We also work really hard to understand state and federal rebates and incentives that may be available to help our customers be more profitable,” Fisher continued. “We’ve had several customers utilize MOPERC’s LEAF (Lawn Equipment Assistance Fund) program. It’s a great resource to help them see the benefits of running on a cleaner fuel without an increased equipment price.”

“We’ve also done a lot of work with propane marketers to help our customers establish a refueling infrastructure solution that best fits their business and needs,” Fisher went on to say. “We’ll do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed.”

It’s easy to see why Scott’s Power Equipment has been called one of the most innovative power equipment dealers in the nation. With quality products, extraordinary customer service and innovative fueling solutions like propane, Scott’s Power Equipment empowers their customers to achieve success.

To learn more about Scott’s Power Equipment, visit their website To learn more about propane mowers, their benefits and rebates and incentives that may be available, visit the Propane Mowers page.