Light Up Your Home with Propane Outdoor Lighting

Propane outdoor lantern

Propane Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Real flame lighting creates an unforgettable look for outdoor spaces and can increase your home’s curb appeal and value. Propane outdoor lighting is increasingly being used for walkways, columns, general lighting, patios, outdoor living areas and more. Plus, propane outdoor lighting is totally odorless, and will function even during a power outage for added security and safety.

While homeowners have been increasingly investing in outdoor living spaces, flame lighting may not be top-of-mind. The trend is growing, however, as more homes employ gas lighting to beautifully illuminate outdoor spaces. Custom lanterns, modern chandeliers, statement pendants, and even tabletop units make a stunning and functional addition to any modern or classic exterior home design.

With propane lighting options available in materials like cast bronze and wrought iron, propane-fueled outdoor lights can help create an upscale feel at any walkway or porch. There are also several options for mounting propane lights including wall-mounts, pillar-mounts or in-ground mounts so you’ll have the flexibility to make your home’s exterior or outdoor space your own.

The effect of outdoor propane lighting is dramatic: fresh air, flickering ambience and a warm glow all add to the enjoyment of your home’s exterior living spaces. Beyond their warm vibe and calming effect, flame lighting serves several practical security and safety purposes too, keeping wild animals and critters at bay and preventing tripping in the dark.

All lighting enhances a home’s entrance and outdoor features. Propane lighting offers the flickering, old-world charm of a real flame that electric lighting cannot match. Gas lighting and lamps add beauty, value and to any home. And since propane is already being used for grills, firepits and warm zones in today’s updated outdoor living spaces, it’s readily available and adaptable to lighting applications as well.

If you’re in the early stages of building a home, it’s the perfect time to incorporate flame lighting into your plans. Talk to your builder and propane provider to discover your best options. Interested in flame lighting for an existing home? Talk to your local propane provider for advice.

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