MOPERC Announces Zero-Interest Propane School Bus Financing Plan

Propane school bus fleet

The Missouri Propane Education & Research Council (MOPERC) recently announced a zero-interest propane bus financing plan. The innovative new program is available for school districts purchasing propane buses that replace older diesel bus units in the state of Missouri.

MOPERC will cover 100% of the interest cost on up to $300,000 in lease purchase financing obtained through Central Bank for new, qualified propane buses replacing older diesel units. School districts are eligible to finance up to four new buses each year through this zero-interest financing program.

The rollout of MOPERC’s zero-interest propane bus financing plan comes at a great time for school districts, as budgets and funding for education are being challenged by reduced state reimbursement. Propane buses offer school districts many opportunities to save money and be efficient with budgets, effectively allocating funding designated for transportation directly into education.

Propane buses offer the lowest total cost of ownership of any fuel types. Lower fuel costs, reduced maintenance costs and easier winter starts all contribute to the benefits propane buses can provide to school districts.

Additionally, propane autogas bus fuel provides a safe and clean environment for students, drivers, staff and communities. Diesel buses are typically loud and generate harmful black smoke and emissions. With propane buses, children do not have to breathe harmful diesel exhaust, a known human carcinogen, at the bus stops or during their bus ride. With the quiet engines of propane buses, bus drivers can hear better and maintain their focus on the road, creating a safer ride.

“Propane brings so much value to school districts,” said Steve Ahrens, MOPERC President. “Propane buses operate at a lower cost-per-mile than diesel buses which is a direct savings for district taxpayers. With propane, you have reduced maintenance costs, more uptime and easier winter starts–propane buses check all the boxes. That’s in addition to all the positive environmental and health benefits for the community, students and staff.”

Each day, almost 1 million kids across the nation ride to and from school in buses fueled by propane autogas. More than 800 school districts reliably and economically operate propane buses, including Missouri’s Fort Zumwalt, Neosho, Grain Valley and Kansas City school districts.

“We’re really excited about this new opportunity for school districts to save even more with the new zero-interest propane bus financing program through Central Bank,” Ahrens went on to say. “These savings can be allocated to other areas of the budget, furthering the positive impact for our Missouri students.”

Learn more about the benefits propane buses can provide to your school and community.