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Converting Wood Fireplaces to Propane

Converting Wood Fireplaces to Propane

Imagine a warm fireplace with a real flame without all the mess and hassle of wood. Propane can do that. Converting a wood-burning fireplace to propane is now easier than ever. Fireplace inserts can be retrofitted into existing wood fireboxes to start enjoying the comfort and convenience of propane.

There are several reasons why propane is a better choice than wood. Making the switch will increase the safety of your home, since you will not have to worry about creosote buildup and chimney fires. Also, propane is more convenient, since a fire can be started with a simple flip of a switch or push of a button. No more splitting and hauling firewood!

On top of that, propane fireplaces are super-efficient–their performance exceeds electric fireplaces by far. Propane fireplaces operate at around 90% efficiency, compared to wood at about 15%. Propane fireplaces also deliver 5 to 6 times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces. If you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of propane fireplaces, here are 4 tips for converting from wood.

4 Tips for Converting from Wood to Propane Fireplaces

  • Choose a heater-rated insert. This will allow for better air quality and more heat output. Heater-rated inserts are designed for continuous heating, and they pull fresh air in from the outside to burn while exhausting flue gases through another pipe, making for a completely sealed ventilation system.
  • Ventilate through the existing wood chimney. This will save time and money. However, if the chimney is in poor condition, a new fireplace can be installed and directly vented out the side wall. A professional should always make sure the chimney and flue are sized to allow proper venting.
  • Have multiple options ready for gas line installation. Depending on the structural components around the fireplace, it might be easier to run a new, separate line from the fireplace to the propane tank.
  • Upgrade your aesthetic with a fireplace surround. A surround connects to the insert and covers the void area between it and the original fireplace wall. This is simply for aesthetic purposes, and manufacturers typically offer a variety of styles, so you can get the perfect look for your home.

These tips will help for a smooth transition from wood to propane. As with any propane project, visit with your propane provider to get more information tailored to your specific needs.

If you install a propane fireplace in combination with a new propane furnace or water heater, you may qualify for rebates up to $500.