Propane Powered Inspiration Home Recap

Propane Powered Home

Prepare to be inspired. The 2019 SHL Inspiration Home, powered by propane, is complete. The home, located in The Villages at Shawnee Bend at the Lake of the Ozarks featured several propane appliances to maximize the home’s comfort, performance, efficiency and security – some of the hallmarks of the propane lifestyle.

Propane can efficiently and effectively meet nearly all of a home’s energy needs – inside and out. From outdoor lighting, pool heating, and fire pits to radiant floor heating and standby generators, you can maximize your home’s comfort through propane.

The ultimate comfort of this home begins with its main heating energy source – propane. The home’s two Rheem high-efficiency furnaces provide much warmer heat than electric furnaces can provide. Providing heat of at least 125 degrees from the registers, these propane furnaces will reach the desired temperatures quickly and operate more cost-effectively, even during cold Missouri winters.

You will feel a similar level of comfort in the bathrooms. This home features a Navien propane-powered tankless water heater that will provide hot water on demand that will never run out. Since it doesn’t waste energy keeping a tank of water hot, it can save a family up to 50% compared to electric options.

propane powered furnace
propane-powered tankless hot water heater

A living room should be one of the most comfortable rooms in any home, and the living room in the Inspiration Home gets its cozy ambiance from a Napoleon 42” Accent propane fireplace as the focal point. Propane fireplaces offer significantly warmer and more energy-efficient heat than electric and wood units. Propane fireplaces burn a real flame with none of the mess and maintenance of a wood unit, while offering five to six times the heating capacity of an electric unit.

Not everyone is comfortable in the kitchen, but propane can help. This home’s 48” Wolf 13,000 BTU propane kitchen range and convection oven will make the new owners feel like professional chefs. 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas heat because it gives them instant direct heat with greater temperature control.

With a Champion propane standby generator, this home will keep running as usual, even when the power lines go down. Propane generators are a great feature for Missouri homes, adding an additional level of security when power outages leave others in the dark. 

Outdoor living spaces top many homeowners’ wish lists. This home features an amazing outdoor living space overlooking the Lake of the Ozarks, carrying the comfortable indoor features of propane into the outdoors. With a built-in Coyote propane grill, this new homeowner will be able to enjoy this outdoor space all year long.

propane grill

The 2019 Inspiration Home is a perfect example of what’s possible living the propane lifestyle. If you’re interested in building or remodeling with propane, visit your local propane dealer. You may qualify for MOPERC rebates that can help you save up to $1,000 on the purchase of propane appliances.