Propane HomePro Outdoor Program For Homebuilders & Landscape Contractors

Propane powered outdoor kitchen Propane HomePro outdoor

Spring is coming and it’s time to begin thinking outside the box—the walls of your house, that is! As the temperatures warm up, now is the time to begin planning for outdoor living projects and open-air entertainment spaces.

According to a recent survey conducted by realtor.com1, outdoor living areas and more space to enjoy outside are near the top of many homebuyers’ wish lists. The pandemic has increased the demand for livable outdoor areas, and that trend will continue. Folks want to spend more time outside with the same comfort and amenities they enjoy inside. That’s where propane comes in.

Long the go-to fuel for BBQ grills, propane is a perfect fit for every outdoor cooking need: grills, cooktops, rotisseries, smokers and pizza ovens. Propane grills provide an instant on-off convenience and precise temperature control for a perfectly done meal every time. With no coals, soot or ash, clean-up is a breeze too. Outdoor kitchen appliances powered by propane can provide the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertaining experience for families and friends.

But the benefits of propane for outdoor living areas don’t end with the meal. Propane patio heaters can safely raise the temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit within a 20-foot radius and are perfect for taking the chill out of the air on cool evenings. In addition to cooking and heat, propane lighting can add a dramatic flair and additional functionality and security to any outdoor space.

There are many opportunities for propane to enhance outdoor living areas. That’s why at MOPERC, we’re partnering with homebuilders, landscape contractors and others to create amazing outdoor living experiences. Through the new Propane HomePro Outdoor program, contractors can get more ‘WOW’ factor for their project’s budget.

We want to showcase all that propane can bring to an outdoor living area—outdoor kitchens, grills, firepits, lighting and much more. The HomePro Outdoor program includes a stipend to assist with the cost of outdoor propane appliances for modern and luxurious backyard entertaining landscape projects. We’ll promote your best efforts to share the functionality and livability of the outdoor propane lifestyle.

HomePro Outdoor program partners receive financial assistance on the purchase of innovative, high-end propane-powered outdoor living amenities, free safety and compliance training for their crews and subcontractors and marketing resources to help sell their company’s services.

If you or someone you know are interested in learning more and potentially partnering with MOPERC, contact or learn more at